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An expansion to Serana's dialogue in order to make her feel more organic as an interactive character with the player and the world. This includes more conversations with the player, quest awareness, radiant dialogue, and much more. With this mod, Serana should be a more engaging character not only in Dawnguard, but for the whole game.

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[LE] | [Xbox One] 

What Does This Mod Do?
It's an expansion of Serana's dialogue and general features as an NPC to make her more immersive and organic within the world of Skyrim. Serana Dialogue Add-On (SDA) aims to breathe life into her as mods like Relationship Dialogue Overhaul do so to other vanilla NPCs. These dialogues (over 1300) are all fully voiced, utilizing Serana's existing dialogue pool as well as new voice-acted lines by Kerstyn Unger.

SDA Showcase starts at 2:41 mark

What it has right now (v1.8):
• Expanded combat dialogue, so Serana's combat lines should be more varied with less repetition
• More radiant commentary on locations, the weather, and her increasing friendship with the player
• More role-play dialogue with the player (asking to rest after a long day's of adventuring, hitting the road, etc...)
• Expanded Dawnguard dialogue and commentary for existing conversations, radiant and side quests
• Complete Main Quest commentary and some vanilla side quest awareness
• Dialogue prompts which either have Serana give radiant responses based on her location, recall past Dawnguard events, say what she's currently thinking about, or her opinion on various things (politics, factions, current state of the Tamrielic world, etc...)
• Capability for Serana to sing a selection of lore-friendly songs, including an original written for this mod, "Old Stone Walls".
• Both Scripted and Radiant NPC Interactions with many NPCs across Fort Dawnguard, Whiterun, Riften, Riverwood, and Solitude
• An optional Serana romance that occurs throughout the course of the Dawnguard questline (but some content can also be experienced after). This was actually hinted at in the vanilla game (depending on how the player treated Serana), but never fully explored.
Now, my mod does that. 
Optional Patches
• For Amorous Adventures, to disable all of its Serana-related AA content on game launch, as to not conflict with my mod on a narrative and thematic level. It is highly recommended that you install this for a consistent experience.
• For the DX Crimson Blood Armor, adding a conversation with Serana about said armor and Valerica's legacy for her. 
• For the Lustmord Vampire Armor, adding in location commentary for the mod's mini-quest as well as a dialogue with Serana about the armor suit.
Flower Girls is natively supported as an animation framework and will animate the romance scenes if it is installed.
The SL Animation Framework is also supported through an optional patch, which overwrites the Flower Girls support.

What it might eventually have: 
• More romance content and role-play conversations
• Expanded marriage functionality, including home support and Hearthfires children interactions 
• Increased quest and location-awareness
• Banter with both vanilla and custom followers like Lucien, Sofia, and Inigo (only if I've gotten permissions)

Mod Requirements
Skyrim Special Edition (any legal version should work fine, I don't support piracy)

SDA has a lot of content, but it is lightweight on performance and was designed with compatibility in mind. 
"But....we already have Serana Dialogue Edit! Won't your mod conflict with that?"
No, it won't. This project was actually inspired by Serana Dialogue Edit (SDE), and is intended to compliment it for the full Serana experience. If there is a conflict in the future, I can work with that mod's author to resolve it. Like SDE, it is intended for Serana Dialogue Add-On to be an expansion of Bethesda's initial intentions with the character.

With the addition of the romance update, nothing really changes for this mod's compatible nature, at least on the technical level. With using mods like Amorous Adventures though, you basically have two romance narratives running at the same time. Since my mod aims to replace/supersede AA, it's recommended that users of that mod download the AA patch to disable all Serana AA content. Users of Amorous Adventures Plus don't need a patch, since Xiderpunk has already included built-in compatibility checks.

Mods that allow you to marry Serana might also interfere with my mod's romance, as they add the player into the "PlayerMarriedFaction" as part of the vanilla marriage system. On a technical level, my mod prevents you from having a romantic relationship with Serana if the game currently sees you as married. Therefore, it might be wise to not use these other mods at all, since the Serana romance already adds marriage (of sorts) at the end of it.

Also, a minor word about follower frameworks.
As a general recommendation, it is wise not to manage Serana with follower framework mods like AFT and EFF especially during the Dawnguard quests. Her AI is complex compared to the average vanilla follower and adding her into these follower frameworks could break her brain (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3). 

Nether's Follower Framework though stands as an exception (link). It is the least obtrusive (and by default) allows Serana to keep her vanilla AI package. It doesn't break her AI and instead works alongside it to add to her general follower functionality. 

Install Instructions
Just install how you normally would with your mod manager of choice. Make sure the esp is enabled before you start the game. 

For the optional patches, install whichever matches your current plugin setup. For the DX, I accommodate both the CBBE and UNP variants. The Amorous Adventures patch should work with any version (not AA Plus though!)

For the SL patch, however, it might not be necessarily as plug and play as the others (if you're installing it on an existing save with SDA 1.8). For existing saves, there is a workaround for this:

Before installing the patch, type "stopquest SDA_FGMaintenance" in the console, then after installing the patch, type "startquest SDA_FGMaintenance". 

If that doesn't work, Use the ReSaver tool (link), select your latest save file, filter for "SDA_FGMaintenance", then delete that script instance, script definition, and save. SDA should properly detect it now (this also applies for those who install Flower Girls after the initial check).

Update Instructions
Just replace the old version with the new one. No clean-save required. 

Load Order
Due to this mod's compatible nature, load order doesn't really matter. 
-When using the optional patches, it is recommended to load the patched mod first, then Serana Dialogue Add-On, then the patch

Recommended mods!
For the full Serana experience, it's recommended that you install these.

- Serana Dialogue Edit (The intended companion to this mod):
- Nether's Follower Framework (Just a good follower framework overall, also has some added Serana lines):
-NOTE: For some of Serana's radiant dialogue to work correctly, "Default Follow Package" should be checked for Serana in the MCM)
Seranaholic (A good lore-friendly Serana visual overhaul. Different options to choose from, but I personally recommend v1.5!)
- DX Crimson Blood Armor (A good female vampire armor mod in general, and also adds a journal entry by Valerica which expounds upon both her and Serana's character in Dawnguard) 
- Lustmord Vampire Armor (good unisex armor mod, also a fan-favorite for Serana)
- Serana Hood Fix (in case you either A. don't like Serana wearing her hood at all or B. don't like her hood-equipping interfering with other headgear she'd otherwise have equipped)

I'd like to thank you for your support!
  • Binarysloth (Patreon, Legendary)
  • Arshveer D.
  • Pegasus-12
  • Chison C.
  • Nicko Vdb
  • Rolf D.
  • RaptorQueen (Patreon, Inner Circle)
  • Jeppe H.
  • Michal F. 
  • Dale V.
  • Florus W.
  • Fatman1222 (Patreon) 
  • Scotty L.
  • Michael M.
  • Ronald J.
  • Mookeylama
  • deadlocck (Patreon, Dawnguard Recruit)
  • Caleb (Patreon, Dawnguard Recruit)

- rxkx22's Seranaholic mod for the screenshot
- Yinkle for the SL patch
- Xiderpunk and Ashal for giving permission to use their animation frameworks, as well as Xider for invaluable help with writing the FG detection code and helping me troubleshoot
- For all the users in various Discords and the Nexus forums for helping me out with troubleshooting and coding concerns
- GuerillaTech for pointing grammar/punctuation/inconsistency errors out for the subtitle fixes
- Bethesda for making such an amazing game
Kerstyn Unger for lending such an amazing voice to help out with this project. She is the Serana in Laura Bailey's absence. You can check her out here!