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NPC's will not use taunts or insults when fighting animals. Especially hunters will behave in a more realistic manner, as well as fixing the odd behavior where enemies could start using greetings and other unfitting dialogues right after they killed you.

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Hunters Not Bandits aims to fix one of my biggest pet peeves.
That NPC's use the same taunts when hunting & fighting animals
as bandits do to you.

Version 3 and later fixes Skyrims “amazing” dialogues,
where enemies could say things like:

“Can I help you?”, right after they kill you.

Luc's video showing the mod in action

Hunters and other NPC's will now behave in a way you would expect them to.

They will take out their bow silently without going Huh, what was that? 
or scream This is your last mistake! followed by Skyrim is for the Nords!

Approaching their prey in a way that doesn't alert the whole world to their presence.

This is what the mod aims to fix, this is the reason for its name.

Dialogue which adds a bit of flavor while still making sense is left alone.
I don't want to remove too much and turn them into lifeless robots.

Speaking of which, characters will only tone down their chattiness when it comes to animals. They will be just as verbal when dealing with others as they where before.


If you use Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, get the RDO version
if you don't get the main version.

Preferably use a mod manager to install.

Load Order

Hunters Not Bandits works best if you place it after any mod which changes dialogue.

Immersive Citizens and Hunters Not Bandits have a bit of crossover because they both edit some of the same taunts, Immersive Citizens only covers creatures considered prey, like rabbits and deer but not any hostile animals.

Letting HNB handle those dialogues by placing it after Immersive Citizens (if you having it installed), gets you the benefit of both mods.


Simply overwrite your existing version with the one you want to use. You can switch between the main and RDO versions with no issue.


A mod adding new animals to the world only needs to make sure that they are properly keyworded with ActorTypeAnimal (just like the animals in the regular game) and Hunters Not Bandits will take care of the rest.

MxR's lighthearted take on the mod
(starts at 5:08)


AndrealphusVIII, the mod would not exist without him. His suggestion that something like this would be possible with conditions made me sit down and figure it out.

BrotherBob for teaching me how the dialogue and quest system work, which was a part of the CK I had not touched prior to this project.

PTC001 for the videos, feedback and testing.

Ilovecarpet for suggestions, testing and for figuring out the missing keyword issue in Immersive Creatures.

Nevilyasha for using it while streaming which led to the discovery above and for letting me know that there where no issues with merging the mod.

PlagueHush for suggestions on how to structure the USLEEP version.

Scrane27 for testing and for keeping track of conflicts.

Bethesda for Skyrim & the Creation Kit.

ElminsterAU, Sharlikran & friends for Tes5edit.

To everyone else who tried it out, as well as the Elder Scrolls Twitch community and the Nexus Image Share for being a source of knowledge and creativity.

Hunters Not Bandits is also available for
Skyrim Legendary Edition, here on the Nexus.