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A new look at the needs for food and water. Hardcore game play. 100% works with version Skyrim AE. + Полная версия на русском языке.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
Continued support for modification iNeed - Food Water and Sleep with the permission of its author -> isoku

It's a standalone mod! Does not require installation of old versions!
Do not play with the iNeed mod in Survival mode!

Mods iNeedWet and Cold and Frostfall were once created to bring elements of Survival into the vanilla game, then Skyrim Anniversary Edition was created and in it the Survival mode, which now uses other, modified scenarios, but to the same functions "thirst", "hunger", "rest", etc. We will consider these mods incompatible. No one will create compatibility patches, these mods essentially overlap in 90% of the features.

Integrated: iNeed - Extended and iNeed - Dangerous Diseases
Supported: Wet and ColdFrostfallCampfire , Hunterborn SE , CACO + all known food and drink mods (automatic recognition).
This mod gives you additional features depending on the other parts of the mod you have installed.


A correct patch has been made for CACO and added to Update Files. Thanks to DanScallion and davidgilbertking for the idea on the composition of the components for the potion recipe.

Release of version 1.94 ( for SE or AE ) with support for collecting water from any source (sewer, lake, river) added by other mods, without requiring additional fixes to these mods. Requires installation powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (for version SE or AE, depending on which version of Skyrim you are using!) and everything that is required to install it (see description for it). It will work without it, but then the water changed by the mods will not be detected.

Thanks to Fikthenig for helping fix the scripts game save crash and script compilation (2022).

Version iNeed 1.94 AE 100% works with version Skyrim Anniversary Edition, given the integrated add-on from the Creation Club Content ( Fishing ).
Version used SKSE64 and SkyUI does not affect operation iNeed version 1.94, only their availability is required! And even more - with some limitations, the weight works without them.

Optional: iNeed - Dangerous Diseases
Introduces a new, more difficult disease system. Included in the main archive.
Short description: Altars no longer cure if ''Dangerous Diseases'' is enabled/installed. Instead, you must pay a priest or use a potion specific to the disease. When you are cured, diseases will not disappear immediately but will regress over time. A stage 1 or 'Mild' disease has a chance of regressing without any action of yours. If you are experiencing 'Nausea', this can be mitigated by getting some rest.

Thanks to Hazado for helping fix the scripts (2020).
Thanks to Trichechus1 for helping fix the scripts (2022).
Thanks to blackc for his work on finalizing the modification scenarios this module (in 2019, 2020 and 2022).
Thanks for the text translation for the MCM menu: Spanish - supercento, Polish - anathema83

Optional: Wet and Cold
Snow melting rates are reduced in the cold. Travelling NPCs may be equipped with the Waterskins, which will allow purchasing of refills from them.

Optional: iNeed - Extended | Help: installation options |

This option is not compatible with other mods that modify vanilla food and recipes.
-- Removes magic effect buffs and debuffs from most food and drink items.
+ Enables snow collection from medium to large exterior snow drifts simply by activating them.
-- Removes the Salt Pile ingredient from cooked meat.
+ Re-balances soup recipes by adding a water ingredient requirement and by changing the number of soups produced from 1 to 2. Innkeepers will now sometimes sell soups and Hearthfire foods.

->No Food/Recipe Changes
This option is not compatible with other mods that modify vanilla recipes.
+ Enables snow collection from medium to large exterior snow drifts simply by activating them.
-- Removes the Salt Pile ingredient from cooked meat.
+ Re-balances soup recipes by adding a water ingredient requirement and by changing the number of soups produced from 1 to 2. Innkeepers will now sometimes sell soups and Hearthfire foods.

->No Food Changes Enables only snow collection from medium to large exterior snow drifts simply by activating them.

->None iNeed - Extended will not be installed.

History of changes


= Now each version of the game (AE or SE) has its own installation module. This is due to the new additional features introduced in 
Skyrim AE version, allowing you, for example, to cook food on a fire that is located in your field camp. Now on this fire it will be possible to melt the snow and get water, fry the caught fish, etc.
+ Added automatic recognition of food and drinks from mods: Fishing (ccBGSSSE001-Fish.esm) from Creation Club and SAFO (Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul).
+ Added two new subsections to "Guide" section MCM menu iNeed, answering many questions that players have.
= Updated support for food/drink mods: Milk Drinker SSE, Improved Fish SE, Harvest Overhaul Redone, Drinking fountains of Skyrim for SSE, Be a Milk Drinker, Requiem and other.
- Removed support for mods that have not been updated for a long time or removed from the site nexusmods, which improved the work of mod scripts
+ The function of quenching thirst from water collected in any Bucket during rain has been restored. Just put the Bucket on any surface during the rain and go (for example) into the House, and return to the location with the Bucket - you can drink from it.
+ Added a description of the correct set of salt water in the sea or ocean in a waterskin to the tips in the MSM menu.

Thanks to Fikthenig for helping fix the scripts game save crash and script compilation (2022).

1.93 (PExt)

Support for collecting water from any source (sewer, lake, river) added by other mods, without requiring additional fixes to these mods. Requires installation powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (for version SE or AE, depending on which version of Skyrim you are using!) and everything that is required to install it (see description for it).


Bug Fixes
Cannibalism option requires being a Wood Elf or having Ring of Namira equipped.
Food that would disappear or be renamed is fixed.
Food Spoilage info being doubled on item.
Auto and Follower eating not consuming light food when used with cannibalism option.

Food Spoilage information added when in inventory window ( example: Eating Cheese Wheel )
Dynamically supports Hunterborn Soup System - ''Soups and Stews'' Soups cure hunger.
Dynamically supports CACO - Fixes Double cheese being added and changes made by fix ''iNeed __ CACO''
***Thanks user Hazado for helping fix the scripts iNeed !
***Thanks user blackc for compiling and helping fix the scripts iNeed !

+ for better compatibility with USSEP, changes were made to the extended module "iNeed - Extended" for some food and drinks, sounds of taking and throwing this drinks from the inventory

- Restored work module "Dangerous Diseases" ( built into the installer ).
- Optimized navmeshes for item and effects ( use SSE NIF Optimizer v.3.0.7 ).
- Added full translation for MCM ( add Languages: Polish, Spanish, Russian ).

- Fixed status in alcoholic intoxication, now you can see what character characteristics suffer in this state.
- Fixed variables that coincide with the variables of the SkyUI modification, which led to an inconsistent MCM display of messages (they could be recognized by sign $).
- Other minor fixes.

1.90 Alpha 1 ---> last changes made by the author of the mod himself: 
- Re-enabled all SKSE-dependent features, with the exception of the module "Dangerous Diseases".
- MCM now has a few more options. Note: it may take some time ( after opening then closing the MCM ) for iNeed's menu to appear.
- Clear Pine Pond is no longer salt water.
- Unknown water can now only be encountered in interiors.
- Roasting leeks using Actions: iNeed will now properly return grilled leaks.
- Attempted to fix eat/drink automation loop.
- You can no longer enter first person while using sit function from iNeed. This was done to prevent issues.
- Decreased chance of being afflicted by stomach rot from unknown water.
- iNeed now recognizes food from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE.

FEATURES OF USE ( IMPORTANT! details under the spoiler! )
It's a standalone mod! Does not require installation of old versions!

Many questions arise as for those who have long enjoyed iNeed, and for those who started using for the first time. I will try to make as brief as possible, but useful instructions for all cases.

Of course, you should read the description of the author himself iNeed - Isoku

Read the discussion here and here (this version works!)
What functions are restored and what changes are made in the continuation of the version support you can read in the section History of changes

So, after I sent you wherever I could, read the brief instructions, which will, if possible, be supplemented.

Before writing about the problems, check whether you have installed fixes for iNeed to your modifications.

A vivid example: you have installed the modification CACO - follow the link and install a fix to it and everything will work fine for you!
-> "iNeed - CACO Patch WIP" ---> distributes products CACO into categories - light, medium and heavy food
-> "iNeed __ CACO" ---> adds the correct option to get waterskin in mod CACO and food degradation in mod iNeed
ONLY for version below 1.93! (Read the description, both patches are needed, because they do different things! )
-> "kryptopyr's Patch Hub" ---> this fix is ONLY needed for versions 1.90 - 1.92 ! ---> iNeed __ CACO adds the correct option to get the waterskin in CACO and food degradation in iNeed. The need for adjustment kryptopyr's Patch Hub: iNeed __ CACO ended with version 1.93 mod iNeed - Continued, as this is now built into the scripts of mod iNeed and installing the mod CACO in the game is recognized automatically!
Installing this patch for version 1.93 and higher will break the script for Namira's ring! and other things!

"Skyrim Survival Mode (CC) __ CACO" ---> ( This is only for those who have a install survival mode! )

IMPORTANT FOR CACO !!!   |  CACO  =--> Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
Recommended that you disable iNeed's option (in MCM menu) to alter the weight of food, as this can conflict with the changes made by CACO.
When using version 1.92 and 1.93 iNeed mod it will be enough to load module "iNeed - Dangerous Diseases" after "CACO" to fix compatibility due to "Potion of Cure Sanguinare Vampiris".

The order of loading mods is as follows:
*iNeed - Extended --------------------------------> ( Important! select option Extended - No Food - No Recipes when installing!!! )
*Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
*iNeed CACO Patch   <--- name this Patch in download list -> Ineed - CACO Patch WIP from page Be a Milk Drinker - iNeed CACO Patch - it defines CACO soups as food !
*iNeed - Dangerous Diseases
*CACO - iNeed DD Patch

The original module CACO - iNeed DD Patch contains a bug (and out of order of the master files), so recommend using the fix I made.
Now you can get this fix file from section UPDATE FILES.

A new compatibility patch with an addition ---> Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE
1) iNeed - Extended - Bruma module with the addition of food and drinks and the ability to collect snow from snowdrifts, at the Tavern they will fill your waterskin.
You can download from here -> iNeed - Extended - ( ESL format file .esp)
2) Dangerous Diseases module, now priests heal and alchemists sell healing potions ( from module iNeed - Dangerous Diseases ) !
You can download from here -> iNeed - Dangerous Diseases -
I myself created these files using SSEEdit, so I guarantee their full compatibility and performance.

I ask everyone to turn their attention to another fix for iNeed ---> Realistic Water Two - Updated Needs Patch

( Please! Read the description for them to understand which one suits you best! )
The lack of this fix also leads to the teleportation of the character to the entry point to the location when trying to recruit waterskins.
Attention! These fixes are not required for mod iNeed version 1.93 (PExt) or 1.94 and above!

Remember that iNeed is able to recognize products unfamiliar to it at their first use, correctly answer the questions posed and then, later, you will not have any problems with these recognized products! Information is stored in the save game, if you load an earlier save, then the recognition must pass again.

Mod Hunterborn SE: patch built into 
iNeed it is outdated, use it only for versions older than 1.92 (if you are still using such outdated ones), everything has long been built into the iNeed 1.94 mod itself (full support for all products and components).

Version used SKSE64 and SkyUI does not affect operation iNeed version 1.91 - 1.93, only their availability is required!

For the correct installation and the correct order of loading your modifications use program:  Wrye BashLOOT  or  Mod Organizer 2.

For the stable operation of the mod, it is strongly recommended to DISABLE AutoSave functions of the game, especially when the character changes the location!

=>There was a problem: you Character teleports after picking waterskins to the place where he started entering the location.
Do not ignore the warning " The iNeed is set, do not open the MCM menu! ", when you first install the mod iNeed !!!
Scenarios should correctly integrate into your save, wait 25 ~ 30 seconds and if you have a lot of mods in the game, then 2 ~ 5 minutes!
Instruction from alakohope how to fix this problem:
1. Go to the iNeed menu MCM and disable the iNeed (AFTER it is properly installed and initiated ofcourse).
2. Drop the waterskin you get (and any other waterskins you have additionally crafted/looted) from your inventory.
3. Turn on the console, click on the waterskin(s) and type "disable", Enter.
4. Play the game as you normally would for a good while.
5. Save the game and quit.
6. Disable mod iNeed from your Vortex/Mod Manager 2.
7. Load the game. Ignore warning that iNeed is missing. Play the game for a while.
8. Save the game and quit.
9. Enable the iNeed from your Vortex/Mod Manager 2.
10. Load the game again. Let iNeed start up properly.
11. DON'T open the MCM until you finally get a message "1 [...] has been added to your MCM configuration".
12. Drop the free waterskin you just got and disable it via console.
13. Go to the tanning rack and make a new one.
14. Drink water!

=>There was a problem: causes CTD upon opening Inventory.
There is one more important point: if you install some kind of mod and then delete it, some things in the inventory remaining from this mod can cause an ERROR when opening the inventory, leading to СTD! Therefore, after removing the modifications, it is advisable to clean your character’s inventory by putting all the valuable and expensive things in any container in the interior and enter the command in the console:
(necessary to remove items left in inventory from remote mods that (possibly!) cause CTD games)**, save the game, exit, restart the game, load last save and saved again, exit ((if you are experienced, clear the save from unnecessary scripts with FallrimTools - Script cleaner )), connect (in our case the iNeed) re-installable or new mod, start game, load the last save, wait 5 minutes and saved game. Go ahed!
**You must do the same before installing iNeed, if you connect this mod much later than the start of your game.

Motizie: My inventory opens, I can move everything. But I can't open any chests or anything else in the game it crashes.
I couldn't find anyone with this specific problem. i solved using loot

=>There was a problem: when you save the game, a CTD occurs.
Instruction from swagmaster1969 how to fix this problem:
For anyone crashing-on-save, I disabled iNeed through the MCM, waited a couple minutes, saved, reenabled.

I looked at some old threads and found multiple mentions of ( simple steps that I saw on Reddit ):
  • Load an older save ( as long as it doesn't have CTD on save or open inventory glitch )
  • Create a NEW save ( through pause menu )
  • Open console and type: player.kill
  • Load your latest save ( the one that had CTD glitch )
  • Type in console: player.kill
  • Try saving ( I usually just use quicksave )

=>Termination of settings MCM menu.
Instruction from phasmaphobic how to fix this problem:
iNeed loaded up for me once - and only once. I was able to get to the MCM menu and adjust some minor settings, and now I am no longer able to get to that Menu. I've tried reloading, deleting and resintalling, and more. Nothing seems to work. The iNeeds option appears in MCM, but when I click it never loads the sub menus. I managed to fix it with a console forced reload of the MCM using this command:

setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1

=>My followers don't eat the food I give them / or complain that there is no food even though I gave them enough gold.
-> If your followers are ignoring eating food, you need to take this food into inventory, turn on the "Classify" mode in menu MCM mod iNeed, classify it, turn off the "Classify" mode, save the game. After that, your followers MUST eat what mod iNeed has already recognized!
-> Perhaps you have enabled the "Cannibalism" option in the mod iNeed settings, if your character is not a cannibal - disable it and the food consumption of the followers will be normalized.
-> Before dismissing your Follower (or one of them), turn off the "Followers ask for food" function, otherwise the dismissed NPC will constantly remind you that he has no food/water/gold in his inventory, no longer being your character's Follower. You can re-enable this feature after the person who has been fired leaves the team.

=>After installation, there is no menu MSM mod iNeed
1) enter the command in the console:

setstage  SKI_ConfigManagerInstance  1

2) if for some reason the first method does not suit you, install the mod Jaxonz MCM Kicker SE

Q: I have version 1.91 of Ineed on my current playthrough. If I install this will I need to update iNeed, and if so where would I update it from?
A: If you use the version of iNeed mod already taken on this page, then the mod will update the scripts on its own and will work without additional manipulations, displaying a message on the screen that the version has been updated.
In order to update OLD version of iNeed mod (v1.90 Alpha 1 or even older), you need to take a few steps so that the new mod works stably in your current playthrough of the game. Details under the spoiler:

To correctly install the new version (or updates to a very old version):
- deactivate the old version in the game through MCM menu
- save in game by placing your character indoors, removing all drinks and food from the inventory to any container
- some iNeed mod scripts are embedded in the game save, so they should not be removed from the save:

Attention! This method is suitable for those who understand what he is doing. Those who want to wait for the final fix are better off just waiting!
For this to work, you need to re-run the menu script (because the menu script didn't work properly for some reason!).
In order to restore the MCM menu and it did not affect the passage of the already started game, you must perform additional steps:
1) Save your character indoors or in a location.
2) Stop the execution of MCM menu show reverse script by doing it in the created save with program Fallrim Tools: you need to delete script _snskyuiconfig in your save game using program Fallrim Tools ( i am using version 4.3.2 ), for this load your save game, open section Active Scripts section, Delete scripts _snskyuiconfig, go to File for Save result and make another backup of save file.

- load the resulting cleared save, after you remove the old mod and install the new mod, load save game and activate mod it in MCM menu
- wait for the new MCM menu registration message to appear (don't do anything BEFORE that! Just wait.).
Everything, you can, after the registration message, wait 2 - 3 minutes and open the MCM menu, go to the iNeed section and activate the mod in it and customize the mod iNeed.

Об моде iNeed
Этот мод добавляет такую игровую составляющую, как потребности вашего персонажа, включая возможность заболеть и вылечится. При установке вы можете выбрать все модули или только те, которые вам необходимы. Гибкая настройка всех функций через меню MCM.
Новое: Восстановлена работа дополнительного модуля "Опасные Болезни" (модуль теперь встроен в установщик!).

Испытать суровый климат Скайрима можно, установив дополнительно модификацию Wet and Cold

Русская версия iNeed 1.94 для SE и AE (полный перевод самой модификации, МСМ меню, сообщений на экране) размещена в секции Optional Files.

Важные замечания по установке и работе мода находятся под спойлером, прочитайте их, чтобы избежать некоторых недоразумений.

Предупреждение! Не играйте с модом iNeed в режиме "Выживание", используя версию игры Skyrim Anniversary Edition, особенно если вы установили Расширение (модуль "iNeed - Extended") к нему, изменяющее Рецепты и Еду. Когда-то давно моды iNeed, Wet and Cold и Frostfall были созданы, чтобы внести элементы выживания в ванильную игру, потом пришел Skyrim Anniversary Edition и в этой версии был переработан режим "Выживание", который использует другие сценарии, но применительно к тем же функциям "Жажда", "Голод", "Отдых" и т.д. Поэтому при совместной работе мода iNeed и режима "Выживание" будут возникать различные непредсказуемые сбои.

Встроенный в мод iNeed сценарий может распознавать незнакомые продукты при первом использовании, но нужно правильно отвечать на поставленные вопросы в процессе распознавания, чтобы в дальнейшем у вас не было никаких проблем с этими добавленными другими модами продуктами! Информация о свойствах распознанных продуктов хранится в файлах сохранения игры, если вы загрузите более раннее сохранение, то вы должны повторить распознавание. В МСМ меню режим распознавания называется "Классифицировать" и его можно так же включить вручную, если у вас есть продукты/напитки, добавляемые другими модами, по каким-то причинам не распознанные как съедобные продукты. После распознавания не забудьте выключить режим "Классификация" и сохранить игру.

Используемая в игре версия SKSE64 и SkyUI не влияет на работу iNeed, требуется только их наличие! Даже без них мод будет работать, но некоторые функции будут недоступны, а настройку мода в игре можно будет сделать через меню Таланты, в разделе Магия.

Чтобы снизить количество сбоев этого мода и других модификаций, использующих скрипты, в настройках игры отключите Автосохранение при переходе в другую локацию.

История изменений

= Теперь для каждой версии игры (AE или SE) свой установочный модуль. Это связано с новыми дополнительными функциями, введёнными в 
Skyrim AE, позволяющими, например, готовить еду на костре, который находится в вашем импровизированном Лагере. Теперь на этом костре можно будет растопить снег и получить воду, зажарить пойманную рыбу без соли и т.д.
+ Добавлено автоматическое распознавание еды и напитков из модов: Рыбалка (ccBGSSSE001-Fish.esm) от Creation Club и SAFO (Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul).
+ Добавлено два новых подраздела в раздел "Обучение" меню МСМ для iNeed, отвечающие на многие возникающие вопросы у игроков.
+ Обновлена поддержка еды/напитков из модов: Milk Drinker SSE, Improved Fish SE, Harvest Overhaul Redone, Drinking fountains of Skyrim for SSE, Be a Milk Drinker, Requiem и других.
- Удалена поддержка модов, давно не обновляемых или удалённых с сайта nexusmods, что улучшило работу сценариев мода.
+ Восстановлена функция утоления жажды от воды, собранной в любой Бадье во время дождя. Просто поставьте Бадью во время дождя на любую поверхность (надеюсь вы умеете выбрасывать предметы из инвентаря и устанавливать их пинком ноги?))) и зайдите (например) в дом, потом вернитесь обратно на локацию с Бадьёй и если всё ещё идёт дождь, то можно будет пить из неё.
+ В подсказки в МСМ меню добавлено описание способа правильного набора солёной воды в море или океане в бурдюки.

1.93 (PExt)
Добавлено: поддержка набора воды в бурдюк из любого источника (озёра, реки, канализации, водопады), добавляемыми сторонними модами, без необходимости дополнительных исправлений (фиксов) для этих модов. А их уже накопилось очень много. Теперь в вашем списке загрузи освободится несколько строчек.
Требуется: установка powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (версия которого зависит от того, какую вы используете версию Skyrim SE или Skyrim AE)

Улучшена совместимость с модом на алхимию CACO и с модом на охоту Hunterborn SE:
= Для выбора режима "Каннибализм" теперь необходимо играть за персонажа 'Лесной эльф' или иметь на пальце кольцо Намиры.
+ Исправлено, когда Еда исчезает при распознавании или будет переименована
+ Исправлен вывод информации о качестве (свежий, испорченный) рядом с наименованием предмета.
+ В режиме ''Авто'' Напарники не едят лёгкую пищу из инвентаря, при использовании с опцией ''Каннибализм''.
+ Информация о порче еды добавляется в окно инвентаря (пример: Съедобный Круг сыра)
+ Динамически поддерживает Hunterborn Soup System - «Супы и рагу». Супы теперь утоляют голод.
+ Исправляет добавление второго кусочка сыра и корректирует изменения, сделанные модулем совместимости
''iNeed __ CACO''
+ Для лучшей совместимости с USSEP внесены изменения в расширенный модуль "iNeed - Extended" для некоторых продуктов и напитков, добавлены звуки взятия-выбрасывания этих напитков из инвентаря
+ Сделан полный перевод статусов пищи в инвентаре при включении режима "Продукты портятся"

Update (12/11/2020)
Перевода статусных (выводимых на экран) сообщений из сценариев iNeed пока нет, потому что начинаются проблемы со стабильностью работы мода, ищу причины. Всё остальное переведено на русский язык.
Update (02/10/2022)
Статусные сообщения на русском работают в версии 1.94.

- Восстановлена работа дополнительного модуля: "Опасные Болезни" (модуль встроен в установщик).
- Оптимизированы меши объектов и эффектов ( в SSE NIF Optimizer ver. 3.0.7 ).
- Добавлены переводы МСМ-меню на польском, испанском и русском языке (теперь переведён весь текст на 100%).

- Исправлен статус при алкогольном опьянении, теперь видно какие характеристики персонажа страдают в этом состоянии.
- Исправлены переменные, совпадавшие с переменными модификации SkyUI, что приводило к некорректному появлению сообщений в МСМ меню (а так же некорректного отображения пунктов в меню, они начинались со знака $ ).
- Другие небольшие исправления.

1.90 Alpha 1
- Так как для игры Skyrim SE уже восстановили работу SKSE64 и SkyUI SE, то добавлены все зависимые от SKSE функции, за исключением модуля "Опасные Болезни".
- В меню MCM к настройками мода добавлено ещё несколько пунктов. Примечание: сразу после установки мода, для появления вкладки настроек MCM для iNeed, может потребоваться некоторое время.
- В пруду "Чистые Сосны" вода больше не будет солёной.
- Мутную (от которой есть шанс заболеть) воду теперь можно встретить только в водоёмах и озёрах, чаще - в пещерах и канализации.
- Попытка исправить зацикленный автоматический приём еды и напитков, осторожней с этой функцией!
- Вы больше не можете использовать вид от первого лица при использовании функции "сидеть", для предотвращения возникающих при этом проблем.
- Уменьшен шанс заболеть персонажу "Гнилью желудка" от неизвестной, мутной воды.
- iNeed теперь распознаёт еду, добавляемую глобальным модом Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE.

isoku - he created this modification for many years, a great respect for him!
powerofthree for working on expansions powerofthree's Papyrus Extender and fixes that change the game for the better.