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A new look at the needs for food and water. Hardcore game play. 100% works with version Skyrim AE. + Полная версия на русском языке.

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Continued support for modification iNeed - Food Water and Sleep with the permission of its author -> isoku

It's a standalone mod! Does not require installation of old versions!
Do not play with the iNeed mod in Survival mode!

Mods iNeedWet and Cold and Frostfall were once created to bring elements of Survival into the vanilla game, then Skyrim Anniversary Edition was created and in it the Survival mode, which now uses other, modified scenarios, but to the same functions "thirst", "hunger", "rest", etc. We will consider these mods incompatible. No one will create compatibility patches, these mods essentially overlap in 90% of the features.

This mod gives you additional features depending on the other parts of the mod you have installed.

Release of version 1.94 ( for SE or AE ) with support for collecting water from any source (sewer, lake, river) added by other mods, without requiring additional fixes to these mods. R
equires installation powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (for version SE or AE, depending on which version of Skyrim you are using!) and everything that is required to install it (see description for it). It will work without it, but then the water changed by the mods will not be detected.

Thanks to Fikthenig for helping fix the scripts game save crash and script compilation (2022).

Version iNeed 1.94 AE 100% works with version Skyrim Anniversary Edition, given the integrated add-on from the Creation Club Content ( Fishing ).
Version used SKSE64 and SkyUI does not affect operation iNeed version 1.94, only their availability is required! And even more - with some limitations, the weight works without them.

Optional: iNeed - Dangerous Diseases
Introduces a new, more difficult disease system. Included in the main archive.
Short description: Altars no longer cure if ''Dangerous Diseases'' is enabled/installed. Instead, you must pay a priest or use a potion specific to the disease. When you are cured, diseases will not disappear immediately but will regress over time. A stage 1 or 'Mild' disease has a chance of regressing without any action of yours. If you are experiencing 'Nausea', this can be mitigated by getting some rest.

Thanks to Hazado for helping fix the scripts (2020).
Thanks to Trichechus1 for helping fix the scripts (2022).
Thanks to blackc for his work on finalizing the modification scenarios this module (in 2019, 2020 and 2022).
Thanks for the text translation for the MCM menu: Spanish - supercento, Polish - anathema83

Optional: Wet and Cold
Snow melting rates are reduced in the cold. Travelling NPCs may be equipped with the Waterskins, which will allow purchasing of refills from them.

History of changes

FEATURES OF USE ( IMPORTANT! details under the spoiler! )
It's a standalone mod! Does not require installation of old versions!

Об моде iNeed
Этот мод добавляет такую игровую составляющую, как потребности вашего персонажа, включая возможность заболеть и вылечится. При установке вы можете выбрать все модули или только те, которые вам необходимы. Гибкая настройка всех функций через меню MCM.
Новое: Восстановлена работа дополнительного модуля "Опасные Болезни" (модуль теперь встроен в установщик!).

Испытать суровый климат Скайрима можно, установив дополнительно модификацию Wet and Cold

Русская версия iNeed 1.94 для SE и AE (полный перевод самой модификации, МСМ меню, сообщений на экране) размещена в секции Optional Files.

Важные замечания по установке и работе мода находятся под спойлером, прочитайте их, чтобы избежать некоторых недоразумений.

История изменений

isoku - he created this modification for many years, a great respect for him!
powerofthree for working on expansions powerofthree's Papyrus Extender and fixes that change the game for the better.