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Perform radiant side quests for almost any NPC. Get rewarded and become friends with NPCs

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Skyrim will have infinite quests.
-- Todd Howard, 2011
Sidequests of Skyrim adds a little more interactivity with the regular stock of NPCs and can lead to friendship, marriage, or a solid business relationship. Quests can even be canceled simply by reading a note twice, which tears it in two. Immersion is a key factor here while keeping everything nice and tidy.
  • Take side quest from almost any NPC.
    • Vanilla voice NPCs will give you quests by default.
    • Custom voice NPCs can be enabled in MCM and will have silent voice.
  • 7 types of quests:
  • Quests will be limited to locations within the current hold, so you don't have to travel all over Skyrim.
  • Supports any new lands mods if they use the appropriate hold location keywords. You might need to enable silent voice in MCM.
  • ESL
  • MCM included to allow you to:
    • Track and cancel the current quest.
    • Disable quests of specific type.
    • Enable or disable silent voice.
    • Disable the mod altogether or re-enable it.
    • Configure reward amount.
    • Configure if you want to increase NPC disposition upon quest completion.
    • Configure the likelihood an NPC won't have a quest for you to do.
    • Configure if you want to add NPCs to potential followers faction based on their disposition, confidence, and assistance levels.
    • Configure if you want to add NPCs to potential marriage faction based on their disposition and relationship status.
    • Configure if you want to get better prices from merchants with high disposition towards you.
    • Configure if you want to only receive quests from unique NPCs.
  • You can cancel the quests at any time by:
    • Telling the NPC you don't want to do it anymore.
    • Ripping up the quest note by reading it a second time.
    • Cancelling the quest via MCM.
  • Death of any of the NPCs involved in the quest will automatically fail the quest.
  • Doing quests for an NPC will improve their disposition towards you:
    • They will have friendlier dialog with you.
    • You will be able to take some of their possessions and sleep in their homes.
    • You might be able to marry some of them if they are in the potential marriage faction.
    • You might be able to recruit some of them as followers if they are in the potential followers faction.
    • Optionally enable adding any single NPC to potential marriage faction if their disposition is high enough.
    • Optionally enable adding any confident NPC to potential followers faction if their assistance and disposition is high enough. Only NPCs with voice types with follower dialog are supported.
    • Optionally get better prices from merchants with high disposition towards you.
    • Performing quests for NPCs counts towards Thane title.
    • Additional benefits might be conferred by other mods.
  • Quest rewards vary based on NPC wealth:
    • Rich NPCs give you more gold.
    • Beggars and children give you junk.
    • Gold reward increases with player level.
  • There is a cooldown of about a day before you can take another quest from the same NPC.
  • MCM configurable chance that a NPC won't have any quests for you.
  • You will only be able to do 1 quest at a time.


  • Install whenever.
  • Upgrade whenever.
  • Uninstall whenever, but preferably when quest is not running. Clean save with Fallrim's tool.

Known Issues
  • Some quests from vanilla Skyrim or other mods will set NPC disposition to a specific level such as 1-friend regardless of what their previous disposition is, so you might do a vanilla quest for an NPC and get a lower disposition after. Either ignore it, or use the disposition fix dialog option to fix it for any NPC.

Q: How come some NPC isn't giving me the quest dialog?
A: Some quests have blocking dialog that prevents all other dialog from appearing. The NPC might have just given you a quest and is in cooldown. You might also be doing a side quest already: you can only have 1 of these active at any time.

Q: The quest is asking me to go somewhere I can't reach or find someone who I can't find.
A: This is because you have mods that added locations to the game which are not completely compatible with the radiant quests system. Simply cancel the quest by talking to the quest giver, by ripping up the quest note, or by cancelling it in the MCM.

Q: The quest giver is gone!
A: There are other processes in the game that will delete NPCs as part of their clean up. If the NPC is gone, just give up the quest.

Q: What's the benefit of doing these quests?
A: Non-poor NPCs will give you gold. And you will improve your disposition with NPCs you help.

Q: What's the benefit of improving disposition with NPCs?
A: NPCs will become friendlier with you. You will be able to sleep in their houses and take some of their possessions. NPCs might become your followers or potential spouses. You might get better prices with merchants. Some mods might confer other benefits: for example, you will be able to enter their homes by knocking with Simply Knock. See UESP article on disposition.

Q: Some NPCs are asking me to do ridiculous things! A blacksmith is asking me to sharpen their dagger, an alchemist is asking me to gather ingredients, and a child is asking me to rescue their Orc friend from a Draugr crypt!
A: Use your imagination! Maybe they are too busy, maybe they wanted to test your mettle, maybe they just wanted to provide you with employment, or maybe they are using you to laundering money for their secret skooma cartel. Anything is possible!

Q: Something is broken; translations
A: I am not responsible for the quality and maintenance of the translations. Please do not use outdated translations.