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Special role-play overhaul of the most popular and comprehensive horse system for Skyrim.

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Convenient Horses for Skyrim Special Edition is next installment of a popular mod that has more than a million of unique downloads, aiming to overhaul horse system in Skyrim.
Unlike its predecessor, it has been built from a ground up to radically change the way you interact with and use horses. It is not a port, but a completely new experience with a special accent on immersion, free of any script extender dependencies.


  • Mounted harvesting of ingredients.
  • Mounted interaction with people and corpses.
  • Mounted combat horse charge.
  • Horse stabling, naming and quick swapping.
  • Horse encumbrance system and mobile storage.
  • Horse dialogue interaction and fast dismount.
  • Horse follow and combat behavior customization.
  • Horse whistle and calling.
  • Horse attribute training.
  • Horse equipment crafting and discovery.
  • Followers’ horses and mounted combat.

Getting Started

The introductory quest will start once you own a proper horse and have been riding it. There are two paths to follow, one for a new mod user allowing them to learn about mod features step by step, and other for veterans who want to skip the introduction and jump right into the action.
When you complete the introductory quest the mod will be fully open to you with all its features.

Horse Training

All owned horses can be trained to have their attributes improved. There are three main attributes and values they govern: Strength (damage and carry weight), Endurance (health and stamina) and Speed (movement speed).

Encumbrance System

Owned horses have limit to how much they can carry, weighing both items stored on them and items that you carry when you ride. Horse will slow down the more it carries and even buck you off its back if you are being unreasonable.

Horse Equipment

You start with some basic horse equipment. Protective barding can be crafted if you are a blacksmith. The rest of the equipment is tied to becoming a member of a faction or rewarded when you complete certain quests. Equipment can be changed when intro quest is completed.

Additional spoiler lists all available horse equipment and how to unlock them:

Followers’ Horses

You can ask followers to buy a horse for themselves. They will gladly take gold from you, go to the stables and come back when done. They will use horse call or whistle, and fight from a horseback. If there’s no dialogue option for a follower to buy a horse, then it’s not supported by the mod.

What’s Changed

If you are new to Convenient Horses then you already have enough information to start playing. However, if you are accustomed to using previous version of the mod then you should be aware of following no mores:
  • No more bound keys, you will learn new controls by following the introductory quest.
  • No more configuration menus, everything is done via horse dialogue.
  • No more stat bonuses, each owned horse can be trained differently for increased efficiency.
  • No more instant access to all the equipment, it’s unlocked through gameplay instead.
  • No more unlimited storage, be aware of new encumbrance system and combined weights.
  • No more useless features and spaghetti code.

Compatibility, Known Issues & Fixes

  • Amazing Follower Tweaks: There have been few issues here and there and most of them have been prevented. It is important to have horse features disabled in AFT along with follower teleport on weapon draw setting.
  • Open Cities: I haven't tested, but it has been reported that CTD may happen if CH is loaded before OC.
  • Realistic Horse Breeds: Should be loaded after CH. The only thing you lose is dynamic mane, so it will clip through the barding. This stands for any other horse mesh replacer.
  • Conflicts with mods that alter the Steed Stone ability since CH v7. Load the other mod after CH and the only thing you lose is the description which states that horse training speed is increased by 50%. Training speed bonus will always work regardless of how you handle the conflict.
  • There is no option to select horse name when purchasing. Horse naming is a new v7 feature and the most common issue is conflict with the "stables" quest. Only way to fix it is to make a patch (prefered if you know how) or tweak load order to give priority to this mod.
  • Horse is moving way too fast. Implemented a total speed control in CH v6.0.3, so no one should notice this problem anymore.
  • Horse is stuck and cannot move. This is the game engine issue and only way to fix it is to exit the game completely.
  • Horse is sliding and flying when saved game is loaded where player is mounted. Game bug countered in CH v6.0.3 by dismounting player on game load.
  • Horse camera moves vertically making it impossible to aim with ranged weapon. This is another game bug which is caused by NPCs using horses, sending animation events that trigger player horse camera to change. This becomes more apparent when riding with followers and they engage in mounted combat. I coded a fix that will attempt to quickly re-draw player weapon when such animation events caused by followers are detected, which in turn fixes the camera position, but you can always sheathe and draw weapon manually if mod does not fix it for you.
  • Follower returns to default outfit or becomes naked when dismounting or leaving mounted combat. This is related to CH keeping teammate status flag turned off on followers while controlling them, to prevent interference from player actions. I bypassed all known triggers for this problem in the update, but it still might happen when some other mod does something to follower equipment while they are mounted.
  • Player is bored of having to replay intro quest on every new playthrough. This issue has been fixed in v7.0.1.

Supporting New Ridable Worlds

It is up to other mod authors or users to enable riding in custom world spaces. A formlist RidableWorldSpaces (0x99B) is defined in Update.esm and initialized in Dawnguard.esm for the purpose of restricting Arvak summoning. CH extends the use of this formlist by adding DB's Solstheim world to it and restricting the usage of Horse Call and follower riding according to the worldspaces it contains. Therefore it is not neccessary to build dependency on CH when making the patch to allow riding in new world spaces. End user might need to merge all the RidableWorldSpaces formlist records in a custom patch if multiple mods try to add their own records each, using the SSEEdit tool for example.

Thank you for using Convenient Horses!