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Fallout: The Frontier is a gigantic DLC/New Game. As the “Courier” you start a new adventure centered around a conflict between the NCR and the Legion in the snow blasted remains of Portland Oregon. Featuring 3 major questlines, 60+ side quests, hundreds of new armours, weapons and items, and tens of thousands of lines of new voiced dialogue!

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 2 years anniversary ! Thank you all for your support.
We (Finally) added the side quest Unsafe harbor in the optional downloads
This is a huge side quest fully voiced with multiple endings (more than 4 hours of gameplay depending your choices).
You can see a walkthrough of it on mikeburnfire Youtube channel.

We have officially reached 150K unique downloads on the nexus! This is a huge achievement and thank you to everyone who has supported the mod. 

For those with capped downloads, or bad network we also added a torrent file to download the Frontier
link avalable in "mirrors" section just over this description.

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/////////////////////// TECHNICAL INFO

! All four main FNV DLC are required !
Honest Hearts, Dead Money, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road

Any required mods?

/////////////////////// INTRODUCTION
In the cold, snowy streets of Portland Oregon, the New California Exiles and Caesar’s Legion fight for the domination of a city rich in resources and military hardware, but what lies in wait under the snowy ruins...

The Frontier is a new game sized modification for Fallout: New Vegas. Created by a passionate group of dozens of community members over a seven year period, The Frontier is the largest modification ever released for Fallout: New Vegas, and aims to be a unique experience for players both old and new.

Featuring new gameplay mechanics such as high quality drivable vehicles, and incredible scripting and visual effects that are sure to impress even the oldest fans of the series. All of this wrapped up with high quality voice acting, dozens of side quests and hundreds of exciting new characters!

/////////////////////// QUESTING:
The Frontier features 3 distinct main quest lines, each totaling up to 15+ hours of gameplay each, with the NCR being the longest at 35+. The New California Republic questline will take you on a linear, action packed adventure with in-game cutscenes and state of the art scripting, the Northern Legion is a dialogue heavy adventure with an expanded view of the Legion, and the Crusaders of Steel are a wonderful blend of the two, with state of the art scripting and complex dialogue and topics.
Included is also a huge variety of side content, from side quests, to characters and unmarked quests. There’s an infinite variety of stuff to do!

/////////////////////// GAMEPLAY:
Whether you’re a driver or a walker, the Frontier has you covered. Featuring a revolutionary driving system, created entirely without low level code integration, our vehicles are the best iteration of a modded driving system for a Fallout title ever! You’re not the only one with a new vehicle though, your enemies are just as prepared, and you’ll encounter a huge variety of new vehicles and enemy creatures. There’s plenty of armour and new items to keep you safe, and you’ll have a ton of time to spend looting and enjoying your new gear.

/////////////////////// WEAPONS:
Guns, guns, GUNS! You’ll have no problem satisfying your inner gun nut, with over 150 new weapons, featuring state of the art VFX and sounds. From ballistic weapons with punchy impacts or energy weapons with glorifying critical kills, to hard hitting melee and fire weapons, kill punch and slice your way through the hostiles of the Frontier!

/////////////////////// ENVIRONEMENT:
Snow, rain, mist and fog. Sounds chilly. Set in the ruins of Portland Oregon, the city has been replicated with detail given to landmarks and streets. With a fresh coat of snow, you’ll find yourself trudging through the destroyed suburbs and inner city of Portland. Our weather effects are top of the line and represent the absolute best of what Gamebyro of this generation can handle. A new experience to be had at every twist and turn! Stay wrapped up.


/////////////////////// GENERAL INFO:

How big is the Frontier?
Size wise, this is shaping up to be one of if not the largest mod released for New Vegas, and perhaps on any Bethesda game. The current asset size is above 25 gb. The ESM (The main plugin) is 250+ mbs, Our esm size is actually sitting at 760,000+ records, making the mod bigger than NV in that regard, and nearly as big as Fallout 3!

How big is the Frontier map or worldspace?
The Frontier is roughly the same size as the Mojave.
Complete map dimensions : 383x383 cells
Playable area : 64x64 cells 
However combined with extra worldspaces, interiors and the like, overall size is much much larger. In technical terms, the Frontier main map is the max size create-able in the heightmap editor of the GECK.
The Frontier contains over 530 interiors, which is more than all of the vanilla game and DLCs combined!

What mods are compatible?
Here you can find a spreadsheet with a number of mods. The Frontier aims to be one of the least conflicting mods out there, with little to no vanilla overwrites, in both records and assets. TTW 3.0 and above will also be compatible, however there will be some compatibility patches needed for some content. Body mods are not recommended, and we strongly advise you not to use them, as they will break our custom armours.

What kind of PC do I need to run the mod?
If you’re able to run a mostly heavily modded setup for modded and can achieve good FPS in most cases, you’ll run frontier fine. A stronger CPU is what’s needed to improve FPS. The Frontier is more intensive than the Mojave by a wide margin, and as such 60FPS won’t be possible 100% of the time. 

/////////////////////// GAMEPLAY INFO:

Can I use my existing FNV character to play the mod? Do you go to the Frontier as the courier?
You visit the Frontier as the courier, the Frontier takes place in the same time span as the vanilla DLC's. However, due to a plethora of potential bugs, we strongly suggest you create a new save for playing the Frontier, to minimize potential errors.

What are some of the new features in the Frontier?
Apart from the new worldspace and the environment, we are working hard to add in completely new features in the game. We've innovated on every element of visual effects we possibly can, doing things even Bethesda couldn't do. We have hundreds of new weapons, armours and items; with every single object having custom icons! And we also have drivables Vertibirds, Tanks and Cars.

What's the recommended level?
The recommended level is 11+.

Can we take vehicles to the Mojave from the Frontier?
No, the Mojave gameplay wasn't designed for it. But stay tuned for plugins by Frontier developers that add an interesting integration of TF's cars to the Mojave.

Can we take companions with us to the Frontier?

How will faction main quests play out?
All 3 major questlines will play out in their own unique ways. They were all spearheaded by a single person at the helm, so their unique styles of creating content will determine the way the questlines play.
The NCR is a heavily scripted questline, having had the most work done on it over development, featuring unbelievable scripted cutscenes and content.
The Legion is a dialogue rich questline that massively improves on the New Vegas legion questline, featuring tons of choices and the opportunity to explore the legion in a different light.
The Crusaders are our third and final major questline, featuring a more freeform play style, with many potential endings and a blended mix of scripted content and dialogue richness

/////////////////////// STORY INFO

Where does it take place and why ?
Portland, Oregon
The base idea of the Frontier was to construct a completely new environment from the Mojave Desert and Capital Wasteland.
Right now, the reason for a lot of snow in Portland is, when the nukes hit this location, a cloud of dust and ash went up and blocked the sun. So everything under, essentially froze over.

Is the Frontier a continuation of the New Vegas story? When does it take place ?
NO, the Frontier takes place before the Battle of Hoover Dam. How does the Frontier fit in the Fallout lore? This is a very good question. Ultimately, The Frontier is a completely new location that occurs in Portland, Oregon. There haven’t been many references or content around this area. So while building the story we tried hard to make the story fit the lore as much as possible and keep things as clean as possible; with that being said, some things maybe break “canon lore”, as we decided they were necessary to tell our story. 
Apart from the chosen location, we tried our best to keep the overall aesthetic of the Fallout universe, with some creative liberties taken of course.

What are the factions that are involved in the Frontier?
The major factions in the Frontier are the Legion, NCR, Crusaders and the Scavengers. The Enclave plays a small role, and there are a number of smaller and larger factions that are involved as well. The Crusaders are a newly created offshoot of the Brotherhood of Steel, on a mission from God to seek revenge against those who have wronged their leader.

Will there be Vaults?
Yes, however we can't spoil too much about them.

Will X appear in the Mojave after or during Y?
No, we DO NOT touch the base game or its respective DLC in any capacity besides the initial location designated to get you to The Frontier.

Will this tie into other mods?
We've not made any specific ties into any other mods, including New California, simply because we didn't believe they were either necessary, or they didn't fit properly into our lore.

Why do vehicles run on GASOLINE?
They do not. You were lied to (again). They run on flamer fuel (like the homemade flamer fuel in FNV base game). Ethanol is derived from corn, which is why corn is a required ingredient for crafting.

/////////////////////// TECH SUPPORT / FEEDBACK

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/////////////////////// CUSTOMIZATION

What mods to use/avoid?
Please refer to the following guide on mods to use/avoid with Frontier: 

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