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Tiny bunker player home placed in the world of The Frontier. Coffee and tea included.

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Tiny bunker player home for the base game. Coffee and tea included. The key to the bunker is found on the skeleton outside, and the map marker is visible by default (but cannot be traveled to). If the game is being buggy and you can't grab the key, the lock can be picked.

Thank you, aufisch, for finding my old files for me again! I'd lost my Frontier mods and, for some reason, deleted them from here. This re-upload of my work wouldn't be possible without the kindness of aufisch. :)

  • collectible teddybear trophy shelf
  • cozy clutter and custom map marker
  • brewing machine that makes hot beverages
  • navmeshed and companion-friendly
  • bed that gives "well-rested" bonus
  • decent amount of safe storage
  • all crafting stations
  • infirmary for healing limbs/rads
  • plastic surgeon menu under infirmary
  • de-toxify option under chem lab
  • working mirror for hair styling
  • repair tools (uses player's repair skill)
  • purified water from a working sink
  • fast travel enabled while in home's interior


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