Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

A comprehensive bugfixing, visual upgrading, content adding package for NUKEDPEPSI's Driveable HMMWV mod, all in one FOMOD.

Permissions and credits
[What This Is / Does]

Fixes several issues with NUKEDPEPSI's HMMWV mod, like un-needed edits to The Frontier's quest scripts and .ini files.
Also fixes the skeleton and collision of the models, and adds visual upgrades such as "Desert Camo" (which I have proof of having made myself), and specular and normal mapping to various parts of the vehicles.
Adds a few more HMMWV spawns to the Mojave, and adds TTW support by adding back the "Jungle Camo" version of the HMMWV to the Capital Wasteland.
Lastly, it optionally adds a heavily customized Offroad Racing-inspired HMMWV called "THUNDER" to the Mojave as a tribute to Midway and Kalisto's 4 WHEEL THUNDER / Xleration.
All of this is done via a FOMOD that checks for required plugins and selects appropriate plugins for each setup.


Use a Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2 (preferably the latter) to install. Activate the mod in the list.


Disable the mod in your Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2. Your HMMWV's will be gone.


Bethesda Softworks / Obsidian Entertainment , for post-nuclear roleplaying games and tools to create content for them.
Bethesda Archive Extractor (BAE) , for giving me the ability to dig into and reference assets from.
GIMP , for texture editing purposes.
NifSkope , for mesh editing purposes.
Various Wikis , for vehicle specification-related information.

The Frontier Team , for the ability to have cars zooming around the wasteland(s).

Tale of Two Wastelands Team
, for their world expansion mod.

NUKEDPEPSI , for their HMMWV - Driveable HUMVEE mod.

Melsitoff , for the original HMMWV model and textures.

Midway and Kalisto , for the SEGA Dreamcast exclusive offroad racing game 4 WHEEL THUNDER!!!

YOU! For viewing, downloading, and enjoying this mod. Please consider giving NUKEDPEPSI an endorsement, too!

Thank you all!


I couldn't find an easier other way to change the scripting of the original mod without having to include a heavily optimized and edtited version of NUKEDPEPSI's plugin.

If this inclusion turns out to be a problem, please contact me directly and I'll find a way to cooperate and make it work properly.

For the time being, I highly recommend and highly encourage giving NUKEDPEPSI credit and endorsements where they are due.

I also whole-heartedly welcome NUKEDPEPSI to learn from, include, and update their mod with the adjustments I've made.

Meanwhile, please enjoy your driving in the wastelands!

Thank you for reading, and have fun!