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Adds the Humvee from HMMWV to DC & adds a Recipe to turn FlamerFuel into VehicleFuel.

Permissions and credits
Made with GECK
Cleaned with xEdit
- TTW 3.3.1 Only
Tested with 250 Plugin LO

Let's face it, FO3/DC has dogshit vehicle mods and Frontier introduced half decent driving mechanics and vehicles.
This mod is likely the best driving vehicle mod for TTW in regards to FO3/DC and it's weird that I had to make this..
I don't often like being the Hero but today I guess its warranted. You're Welcome.

- Adds the Humvee from the HMMWV mod HERE to Fort Bannister, gotta fight the Talons to get to it (So it's not free)
- Adds a recipe to Workbench > Miscellaneous to convert 40 Flamer Fuel & 1 Abraxo into 1 Jerry Can for refueling the Humvee

Download Instructions

1) Download it with a mod manager
2) Activate it
3) Load it after Frontier, TTW, and HMMWV in your Load Order.


Is it safe for mid playthrough?

Please Note;
Load this after TTW, Frontier, and HMMWV.
I couldn't make this an ESM flagged ESP cuz it'd force itself above HMMWV and that's not good.
Stay Hydrated.