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Adds new drivable car to Mojave and Frontier wastelands.

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Chryslus Desoto is a brand new car model that is loosely based on 1959 Desoto 4-door . Car model is made faster and more durable than original Frontier cars. Fuel consumption is also minimal. This makes it more fun to thrash around wastelands. One of the most useful ways to use cars in Mojave is to early in the game take a half an hour drive and find places in the map. This will make fast travel more convenient and is pretty fun. 

How to Drive?
Activating front of the car gets you driving. Activating rear lets you use the trunk, refuel and adjust the map marker on/off(default off). Car can be repaired with Repair Thermic Lance and Scrap Metal.

Where to find car in Mojave?
If one happens to wander to El Dorado Gas Station, he might stumble on to a treasure.
Where to find car in Frontier?
Parked in front of Rudy's Auto & Parts.

The Frontier is needed. Using vehicle system and other assets from Frontier files.

Car and changes are independent of other cars found in The Frontier.

Optional files
Extra file adds car friendly map markers to Lucky38 and King's School of Impersonation. Not compatible with Open Freeside/Strip.

Recommended Extra Mods
If/when you run out of fuel this mod adds fuel selling ghouls to gas stations and some cars driving around:
This cleans up El Dorado Gas & Service and makes it a player home:
Desoto is also compatible with my other car mod, which adds a little garage close to where Desoto can be found:

Tale of Three Wastelands
This patch adds one car to capital wasteland if using TTW with Frontier:

Thank you for The Frontier mod which brought us the vehicle system.
Xilandro who made the car system has done really excellent job. It is such a good and solid base to build vehicles for New Vegas in the future.

Car model is from Renafox. Same model with lower resolution textures is used as junk car in the frontier.
Check out his other car models too. Truly a master of rusty cars.