Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

A variety of visually consistent and statistic upgrades for Jamar1978's Drivable Nevada Highway Patrol Car.

Permissions and credits
[[Drivable Nevada Highway Patrol Car Consistencies]]

[What This Is / Does]

Intended as a consistency and upgrade to Jamar1978's Drivable NVHP Car mod, giving it more vanilla-like textures, fixing model issues, and updating the stats to be less "samey".
Also tweaks the skeleton of the model, allows for customization of visual upgrades such as window color / shines and badging, and adjusts the UV's of the model as well.
Doesn't include the original plugin or any edits to it, but does include options to customize it's fuel consumption values, in what are known as the "EZFUEL" files.
All of this is done via a FOMOD that checks for required plugins and selects appropriate plugins for each setup.


Use a Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2 (preferably the latter) to install. Activate the mod in the list.


Disable the mod in your Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2. Your Police Car will now be less consistent with the rest of the cars in the game.


Bethesda Softworks / Obsidian Entertainment
, for post-nuclear roleplaying games and tools to create content for them.
Bethesda Archive Extractor (BAE) , for giving me the ability to dig into and reference assets from.
GIMP , for texture editing purposes.
NifSkope , for mesh editing purposes.
Various Wikis , for vehicle specification-related information.

The Frontier Team
, for the ability to have cars zooming around the wasteland(s).

Jamar1978 , for their Drivable Nevada Highway Patrol Car mod.

Myself , for The Frontier - Liberated (No Frontier Start Option) mod. Recommended for players who just want to car.

YOU! For viewing, downloading, and enjoying this mod. Please consider giving Jamar1978 an endorsement, too!

Thank you all!


With all the options available, you can customize your Highway Patrol Car with a variety of window tints, shines, and badging.

I highly recommend and highly encourage giving Jamar1978 credit and endorsements where they are due.

I also whole-heartedly welcome Jamar1978 to learn from, include, and update their mod with some the adjustments I've made.

Meanwhile, please enjoy your driving in the wastelands!

Thank you for reading, and have fun!