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An unofficial "Fallout - The Frontier" Replacement Icon Pack for NVSE Shortcuts

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*This mod is free to be included in other mods or "modpacks" etc, credit would be apreciated, but not required*

Basically, I re-labeled my NVSE desktop shortcut to "The Frontier" and changed my icon to befit what is essentially an entirely new Fallout game, much as I did with New California. This is for those who do not wish to figure out how to create their own .ico files, or wish to just download pre-made.

I recommend using https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70885?tab=files alongside this!

(These are basic .ico files for those who know how to use them already.)

These were created from the wallpapers provided on The Frontier's Page. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68009 

I am not associated with anyone on the NVSE or Frontier Teams, I just really appreciate the amazing content they've provided the community. <3 


1. Unpack into the desired location, I suggest the same folder as your NVSE executable.

2. If you have not already, create a shortcut for "nvse_loader.exe", desktop, or otherwise.

3. Right-click the shortcut and go to "Properties".

4. Select "Change Icon...", Select "Browse", and go to the downloaded file's location.

5. Select the desired Icon and click "Open", then hit "OK".

6. Select "Apply", then "OK".

7. (Optional) Righ-Click Shortcut and rename "The Frontier" or "Fallout - The Frontier"

8. Profit.