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Fixes the camera bug, with Titans of the West and has optional distance POV.

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This is a patch for Fallout the Frontier and Titans of the New West.

All I did was edit the Config Settings and lowered "camOffsetZ=" by -120 units.
So after the camera changes, it should be restored to it's default setting, after 5 seconds of hitting the gas pedal.
This will work for the basic cars, for other vehicles do the following...

I recommend adding a setting to IStewie's Tweaks ini. You can zoom out other vehicles.

IStewie's Tweaks

fChaseCameraMax = 1200 

Optional File have a tweak for "camDistMin="  by +225 units, which I based off Mad Max Game.

Credits go to The Frontier Team

Added Support for Jamar1978 "Repairable and Drivable Chrysalis Highwayman"

Highwayman uses Gasoline