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Changes to some of the gameplay aspects of The Frontier, where I deemed an improvement could be made

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not keeping tabs on The Frontier much. Alas it would seems there's something of a "fork" between the official release with certain resources expunged, and an Unofficial Patch based on the first release.
I've provided a version of this for both, since I noticed a few things in the unofficial patch which I came up with were still broken after being merged into it, as of 02/28/21, but I'm not sure when or if I'll go back to look into this.

* Reworked the fear & fatigue script effect that many of the new fire weapons use. Just like before, they will send abominations and spiders running away for 5 seconds. Also fixed their fatigue damage to non robotic targets, countered by Endurance, but at the very least they should prevent fatigue regeneration for those 5 seconds. Not overly useful, but you might score the occasional KO while the target burns alive.

* Fixed Jerry Cans to use Fire Resist type, and Incendiary Mines will now also set on fire those in the blast instead of just doing 100 blast-adjusted plain fire damage.

* Scavs and other NPCs which can spawn with Jerry Cans in their inventory can now use them offensively. They use an unplayable version that explodes on impact, since they wouldn't know how to use them otherwise. They can only carry and fire 1 or 2 of them, but you'll still find your playable Jerry Cans on them when you loot their corpse.

* I removed destructible data from the Jerry Can "weapon", and from the Rattler grenade I happened to edit for something as well, because in my view this can be abused like dynamite sticks, dropping a bunch of non-live ones from your inventory around an NPC you want to murder and setting fire to them without crime consequences. The "projectile" is what's still destructible. I've also "merged" the two versions of the Jerry Can explosion to a somewhat middle ground in terms of range and VFX. You can tell I have an unhealthy obsession with Jerry Cans.

* The new frag explosion effects used by Frag Mines, Grenades Mk 2, and Pipe Bombs has been fixed so that they now display, and cause, the correct amount of damage modified by your Explosives skill and perks. Previously the damage was being dealt by the random graphical explosion that the "real" invisible one placed, so I simply moved the damage over from those to the real one. If you think this shows a disturbing lack of preoccupation about how new and impressive visual effects interact with gameplay mechanics, you quite simply worry too much and should get a new hobby. I'll worry about this crap for you.

* Renamed Frag Grenade "M-2" to "Mark 2" like the mines

* Fixed the Beam Splitter modification on the Scouting Laser Rifle so it only adds 1 extra beam as it states, and keeps its min spread instead of dropping it to 0. Same fix as that of the regular Laser Rifle in YUP.

* Cobbled together (yes, that's what you read) a system to enforce that "tank buster" weapons will always cause the correct amount of damage to vehicles. Previously all vehicles were scripted with various OnHitWith blocks that tried to check impacts from certain weapons or explosions, and which would damage them in that event. There are some problems with this, first one is that the bonus damage doesn't come from any source so you might miss "killcounts" from it, second that it doesn't really work with explosions and detecting hits from exploding weapons can be tricky.
I removed the blocks from the various vehicle scripts, and put together a handler that should reliably replicate them. Tank buster weapons can no longer cause bonus damage to vehicles in their explosions collateral, only DIRECT HITS will do, but these are now assured to score it. The bonus damage is now linked to the source of the hit (you) and can vary with difficulty.
It was kinda difficult to reliably replicate what the original vehicle scripts tried to do, so future additions or changes to them in The Frontier might throw the system out of whack. I'll try to be diligent...

* A special case is Volcano Mines. These are no longer proximity based and NPCs cannot trigger them, instead they can only detonate when an enemy vehicle gets near or touches them. Not that they had much range to begin with. So if you use them, try to place them in a clear, level path for the enemy vehicles to stumble onto them.
NOTE: the way the system works, any Volcano Mines in the world are considered to be placed by you. By default there are no hostile Volcano Mines pre-placed in the Frontier, but if another mod added them, I may have to revise the system to work differently so Volcano Mines could target vehicles hostile to the actor that owns the mine.

* While I was at it I also fixed the collateral damage of a certain endgame energy weapon so the extra explosion effects it causes are also linked to the one firing it. No idea if there's more cases of this, I'll keep looking.

* Fixed the new addictions added by the mod so that they can all be countered by the substance that caused them, by Fixer, and patched the doctor scripts to be able to cure all your addictions no matter the mod they come from. Macinol, Ground Zero, and Nuka-Cola Perfect have their original addictions back.

* Explosive and Incendiary Harpoons, from what I can imagine, were perhaps intended to explode 2.3 seconds after hitting an actor, but achieving this thing in a correct fashion would have been... difficult. I've altered them so they simply explode on impact. Might revise it later. Might not. Electric Harpoons' bonus damage is now affected by Electricity Resistance and linked to the actor firing them.

* Fixed a pair of embedded weapons used by Eyebots (I think?) so they cause their electrocution effect from the weapon, which is totes safer and easier than doing so from the ammo script of the only dummy ammo type those weapons use. Always look for ways to avoid unnecessary ammo scripts, kids.

* Fixed the recipe to make tranquilizer Darts so you can actually make them with Nightshade Berries and .308 cases. From a preemptive look at the available number of berries, I've opted to alter the input so 1 berry and 3 cases allows you to craft 3 darts.

And that's it