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Moves Rudy's Autos shop to the Mojave Wasteland so you can buy vehicles for use there.

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Update(Not by me cuz I'm lazy) - This  will fix the door issue some people are having.

Rudy's Autos shop moved to the Mojave near the Gun Runners booth. Map Marker added. 

>Obviously The Frontier mod and all the mods it needs are required for this to work, I can't make this standalone because of permissions and stealing assets.

>You can buy and upgrade vehicles just like in the Frontier, he also sells fuel and repair lances.

>When Rudy says your vehicle has to be near his shop for him to upgrade it he doesn't mean park it wherever you please, it has to be in that specific spot to the right where they spawn. The original Frontier trigger box is pretty small and people were confused about it calling it broken but it wasn't, I've made this one larger, but you still need to be parked up there in that driveway.

>The Frontier Rudy's Autos will be unusable since I didn't bother to actually duplicate the interiors and scripts but rather cut from there and pasted, so use this only when you are done playing the Frontier, OR you can use it in the start of the game and disable the esp as you go to the Frontier, there shouldn't be any problems, your bought cars in the Mojave will persist even without this esp.

>Will conflict with other mods that place buildings in that specific spot.

>Stable, no reason for it to cause crashes, it just works.

I would recommend you use this with Albatross6969's DriveThemCarsWithBetterRoads  which fixes roads and makes driving experience in the Mojave much better.