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Today, I bring you all a reasonable recreation of the LeMat revolver, made famous due to its semi-unique underbarrel shotgun.
Requires Fallout: The Frontier.

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Boom, baby!

   Folks, where do I start?
More or less, I was watching a movie called Jonah Hex, in which the antagonist uses a LeMat revolver. I looked at that and thought, "Mm, LeMats are pretty cool."
Then I thought, "I wonder if I could remake that in New Vegas."

   Thus, here we are!

   The LeMat, as I have made it, has a six-round cylinder of .44 Magnum, plus a single-shot 20ga shotgun, fired by pressing the 2 button. This does however mean that you can't switch ammo types for either part of the weapon.
Also, before you all start screaming that real LeMats hold nine rounds and not six, my answer is this: the models, textures and animations used are all built for six rounds, so there.

... but wait, there's more!

   Not only does this include a right proper fancy revolver, it also includes a Gunslinger who carries it. This Gunslinger, living at the Wolfhorn Ranch, also wears a new apparel item and hat, each with suitable in-game effects.


   Firing the under-barrel shotgun consumes one .44 Magnum round from the cylinder of the weapon. I don't know how to fix this, or if it even can be fixed. Sorry.


   Fitzynator42 ------------------ Primary creator..
   Scout ---------------------------- Retextured the Gunslinger's Hat (thank you!)
   Fallout: The Frontier ------- For building the script that makes this weapon unique.
   Bethesda and Obsidian --- For providing us the tools.