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Want to distribute your own skill points and pick your own perks, whilst still getting a convenient quick start menu so you can quickly start the frontier. Then consider my alternative quick start menu. It quickly gets you up to speed without needing to mess with console commands.

Permissions and credits
Why I made this mod:

So I wanted to start The Frontier with a new character like many of you and decided to try out it's Quickstart option to well quickly get going. Only to find out much to my dismay that I wouldn't be able to choose my own perks instead being stuck with one of the offered presets. Also the way it calculates the amount of skill points awarded to the player was unacceptable to my stat-whore self. Since it doesn't factor in the ability to raise your Intelligence through perks(and implants) or the existence of the Educated perk(+2 skill points per level starting after lvl 4 or whenever it is picked up). So I decided that this will not do.

Now the easy solution would have been just a few console commands, whilst ignoring the built in quickstart option. But that would have been fiddly and besides I was bored, stuck at home due to Covid and could use the practice in making mods. So I decided why not make my own quickstart mod for The Frontier and so this mod came into existence.

How this mod works

Once you make a new character you will receive a weightless piece of armor called "The Quick Start Item" in your inventory.
Simply go through the character creation as normal until you receive the Pip-Boy. Then go into your inventory and equip "The Quick Start Item". Simply Follow the instructions on the screen and you will be guided through the entire process.

It should be noted that this mod doesn't touch a single thing from The Frontier and technically doesn't need it, which means the built in Quickstart is still there and active. To avoid issues please don't use it in combination with this mod, simply skip it instead.

Installation & load order:

Just install with your preferred mod manager as normal.
Since this mod changes no vanilla or other mods you can probably put it wherever in your load order, but for safety I recommend you put it after TFHotfix.esp


  1. I am not part of or otherwise with affiliated The Frontier team, nor did I get their permission to make this mod, I made this mod entirely out of my own desire to do so.
  2. If you find Any bugs or have questions/comments with regards to this mod please let me know and don't bother The Frontier's team unnecessarily(adding this since it happens too often to these big modding projects)