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Adds weapons to most of the cars from Fallout: The Frontier, as well as some fan made cars and fixes to the frontier's vehicle weapons.

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Weaponized Frontier Vehicles

What This Does:
  • Adds weapons to most of the vehicles from Fallout: The Frontier, as well as Jamar1978's Chrysalis Highwayman, DeSoto and Cop Car mods
  • Fixes 2 of the Frontier's default vehicle weapons to make them less crap.
  • Adds said weaponized vehicles into the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Renames the Road Rampager to the Vaultmobile, because its essentially the Fallout equivalent to the Batmobile to begin with.

The Weapons:
  • HMG: .50 cal Heavy Machine Gun, same as the Road Rampager Vaultmobile uses but much stronger, see weapon fixes below for more info
  • Gatling Laser: Standard-ish Gatling Laser, uses Electron Charge Packs for ammo, wonky as shit but fun, see glitches below for more info
  • Rocket Launcher: Roof mounted Rocket Launcher like the Red Glare from Lonesome Road, uses same rockets for ammo
  • Heavy Laser Autocannon: A mostly perfect recreation of Liberty Prime's death laser from fallout 3, using almost all of the same assets in NV's game files except for the sound and a slightly different laser beam,
  • Incendiary Baseball Launcher: Default weapon of the firetruck, shoots flaming baseballs
  • Buzzsaw Chucker: Default weapon of the buggys, chucks out sawblades

Bug Fixes and Changes:
  • Beefs up the damage for the abhorrently shitty and terrible """"".50 caliber""""" HMG (Which apparently was set as a 5.56mm LMG that ate up .50BMG ammo for some stupid reason) so that it functions like a proper heavy machine gun now.
  • Fixes the fire rate for the Treaded Bus's Heavy Bolter and fixes it so it uses mining bolts (it's proper ammo) instead of missiles, which it was set to for some reason despite not having a missile launcher at all (tried to add one but unlike the other cars the turret on the treaded bus is part of the bus itself and not an individual model.
  • Fixes the Incendiary Baseball Launcher so it fires its proper baseball ammo instead of flamer fuel, and modifies the recipe to make ammoized baseballs on the crafting bench to require 1 flamer fuel per baseball.
  • sets all weaponized vehicles fuel rate to 0.500 instead of the default 3.174

All DLCs Except Gun Runners Arsenal
Fallout - The Frontier
Jamar1978's Highwayman, Desoto and Cop Car mods.

Where to find them:
All the weaponized cars (as well as 1 Firetruck and Treaded Bus) have been placed in the parking lots of the East Pump Station and the buildings right next to the Aerotech Office Park (see images for more info)

Glitches and Quirks:
  • Some of the turrets will appear floaty (such as the highwayman and the desoto) or will clip slightly (the old car and the cop car). This doesn't effect gameplay as far as I can tell but looks a little weird. If anybody knows anything about making meshes (which I don't) and wants to fix it to make it look more natural looking, go right ahead UPDATE!!! 3-14-24: Fixed floaty turrets by dicking around with the nodes on the skeleton files with nifskope.
  • The Gatling Laser is really wonky, as it screws around with the cars physics and can only be used efficiently when holding down the break key. This is both a defect and a feature however, for those lucky individuals who have mastered the lost pre war art of laser drift sailing can utilize this glitch to make your cars go insanely fast assuming your not crashing into shit. (I managed to get the highwayman to reach speeds of over 150MPH on the flat test world backups.
  • Depending on how high you aim, you might accidentally zap yourself with the heavy laser autocannon. From what I can tell all the frontier cars have an anti self friendly fire feature of some kind so you don't blow yourself up so it shouldn't matter much.
FAQs (and facts on suchs FAQs):
  • Q: Does this modify any of the default cars in the Frontier?
  • A: Aside from the Road Rampager Vaultmobile, no
  • Q: Do you plan on adding weapons to more cars?
  • A: Maybe, assuming I ever get around to learning modeling or people keep making more car mods for New Vegas.
  • Q: Does the Highwayman require you to complete the repair quest from the original mod?
  • A: It shouldn't but let me know if it does or any other weird glitches of this nature.
  • Q: Why didn't you use the big double barreled laser cannon for the heavy laser cannon?
  • A:
    Honestly I'm not a big fan of this thing. (And I don't think Xilandro was either since he didn't include it or any of the other vehicle weapons in the final version of the Frontier.) I originally tried making its laser beam the double beamed one that the Laser PDW uses, but it didn't end up looking right either way so I just said fuck it and used the alternative water hose from the firetrucks instead (since it looks like a big ass death cannon to begin with. Might give it a futuristic retexture or something later on. If enough people request it I might make an alternate ESP replacing the water hose with the double whammy.
  • Q: Can you change the Vaultmobile's name back to the Road Rampager?
  • A:

Future Plans (If I ever get off my ass and mod more often):
  • Actually learn how to nifbash and model n shit so I can fix some of the floaty turrets, (and maybe make some meshes of my own.) UPDATE!!! 3-14-24: Fixed floaty turrets, still have no idea how to nifbash.
  • Add weapons to more of the fan made vehicles
  • Reskin the Road Rampager Vaultmobile to make it look like the 1966 George Barris Batmobile. (Might actually do it with the Highwayman instead now that I now how to make the turrets look natural.)

XilandroTgspy & the Fallout: The Frontier dev team for making the car framework to begin with.
Jamar1978 for making the Chrysalis Highwayman, Desoto and Cop cars.
Me for making this mod.