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NV Randomizer Patch for The Frontier

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What does it do?

- All NPCs of the frontier are now affected by the Randomizer.
- Most weapons and armor in The Frontier are now added to the random lists.

What I plan to do next?

- Adding the throwable weapons in the random lists.
- Making the creatures from The Frontier randomized.
- Changing the scripts which add various equipments to the player during the mod, by replacing them by randomized gear

- Edit two scripts in the mod where gear is given to the Player, the said gear is now replaced by the randomized leveledlist.
- Fix the broken cutscene just after the HELIOS One Battle involving Blackthorne and Oliver

- Fix a softlocking bug where Rezner can't burn you in the Vault 9-Nightmare thing.
- Fix another softlocking bug because of Rezner not having his damn entrance key!
- Fix a softlocking bug where Tiberius Rancor don't want to shoot without his personal gun.

- Give the passcodes back to the Enclave officers
- Fix a softlocking bug where Dr. Voss can't shoot you in the face
- Randomly removed many of armor entries in the random lists, as I thought The Frontier outfits were too redundant

- Remove TFOWJerichoWeaponDUMMY from the random weapon lists.
- Fix a softlocking bug where the two scavs can't shoot to the tanks of those NCR lame ducks!
- Fix a softlocking bug where Badger just don't want to talk

- Fix other softlocking bugs where the Legion guys don't like the weapons I'm providing to them!

- Fix a softlocking bug in "A Bridge Too Far" because of a Scav (xx69f8ad) who was deprived of his weapon which destroys the big tanks!

Initial upload.