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Makes every unique revolver in Fallout: The Frontier, use the optional revolver fanning animations from Hitman47101's Anniversary Animation pack. KNVSE Animation-powered and required.

Also makes them shoot gooder.

Permissions and credits
KNVSE Animation Plugin is required for the animations to show up, otherwise, you'll just get a faster Grand Ferrum and no cool revolver animations.
Fallout: The Frontier also required, Obviously. However, I made this using the release day version, so unknown if it's compatible with the rework.

Ever wanted to use the Grand Ferrum .44 Revolver in The Frontier?, No?, You haven't heard of the weapon at all during your 1412 hours of playtime of Fallout: The Frontier? Yeah, it's, unfortunately, cut content, I really fucking love it, But I wanted to make it different from other revolvers, then it hit me, Hitman4701's Anniversary Anim Pack has an optional revolver fanning animation, kNVSE Animation Plugin also exists, making it possible to go over the engine's animation limits, and also make weapons use different animation sets.
You get what I'm tryna say yeah?
So I took a couple of minutes or hours to figure out how to make this thing and voila, here ya go, cowboy.

Did you also know? Fallout: The Frontier is required. and KNVSE Animation Plugin too!

(shut up i know it's compressed to hell and back, at least it's very smooth ): )

Exact stat changes:
Grand Ferrum
Damage: 66 -> 96
Critical Damage: 80 -> 128

Fire Rate: 1 -> As fast as you can click. Probably?

Version 1.1 now includes the Woe found in the secret Portland Library room. Also still requires Fallout: The Frontier.

Exact stat changes:
Damage: 38 -> 66

Critical Damage: 48 -> 80
Fire Rate: 1 -> Still as fast as you can click.. maybe.

Epardox's Colt found in the Irvington General Store and Rancor's 12.7mm Revolver from Rancor, obviously, and Jim's Sterling in Old Pawn Shop are now included in 1.2, No fancy .gif for these ones, too lazy, will clog the description up and you should see the animations already on the other .gifs.
Exact stat changes:

Epardox's Colt
Damage: 63 -> 76
Critical Damage: 64 -> 82
Fire Rate: 1-> Yeah.

Rancor's 12.7mm Revolver
Damage: 78 -> 99
Critical Damage: 68 -> 88
Fire Rate: 1 -> You know the drill.

Jim's Sterling
Damage: 52 -> 64
Critical Damage 52 -> 64
Fire Rate: 1 -> h.

Fallout: The Frontier required!