Fallout New Vegas

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Consolidation of all my Power Armor Diversified mods. From Vanilla FNV to The Frontier, put a little P.E.P. in your step and get stomping in metallic style!

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the Power-Armor Enrichment Project (P.E.P.)! 

Put some P.E.P. in your step as you explore the wastelands in metallic style.
*Results may vary

What did we do?


- All power armor stats changed. They are now in line with that Power Armor stats were for Fallout 1 and 2.

- Power Armor wearable right out of the box! But to correctly utilize those servos you will need specialized training.
- All Power Armor stats below represent their capabilities WITH training. there is an across the board reduction of 1 to their Strength bonus, a penalty of -2            to Agility, and a reduction of their carrying capacity bonus by 15. With training you are granted +1 Strength, +2 Agility, and +15 Carrying Capacity when                you put on Power Armor.
- Power Armor training manual quest added. Find the pages then put the book together and you too can wear Power Armor in style!

- Power Armor no longer looks like a typical layer of clothing. Scaling has been completely integrated into the mod.

- Mojave Brotherhood diversified. Initiates given a specific set of Combat Armor and their Scouts given BoS Specific Scout Armor. Knights wear T-45d and Paladins wear T-51b. With the rugged look of a war torn military branch one would expect. Scribes have different robes to account for their more militarized style, as well as McNamara's new coat!

- Enclave armors are relatively the same. We managed to procure Advanced Power Armor Mk. II with its own meshes and textures. This armor is rarer and only obtainable via quest chain and 2 specific outcomes. There is also a rumored prototype edition of Advanced Power Armor Mk. III somewhere in the wastes lost to time. Keep your eyes peeled!

- NCR has integrated T-51b armor sets into their loot pool. These sets are salvaged from their war with the BoS. This armor has been integrated into their leveled lists with some sets able to be obtained without having to scoop a dead corpse out of them. Scorched Sierra also has a T-51b edition added in as the NCR has begun to find a way to power the servo systems within Power Armor.

- Salvaged sets added for Advanced Power Armor. This is a nod to Fallout New California where the Vipers stole some Enclave armor. These sets are in very bad shape by this time and worn by high level Viper members. Tribals have also gotten their hands on old Power Armor, stripping the plates to repurpose into their own uses.

- Hardening Power Armor now available! The knowledge was once kept by a select number of people but the Followers have managed to store it away somewhere. Find the recipe for the chemical hardening process and you too can create hardened power armors of all sets!

- Non-faction armors changed. The NCR had to find some way to strip all that cruddy green paint off their salvaged sets without damaging the armor itself. Find the necessary knowledge and you can create non-faction sets of the faction armors.

- Special armors hidden around the Wastelands for those explorers wishing to find them or those that get into wild situations.


All the above and more!

- BONED has BEND integrated into it by default as it is designed to run with TTW but we managed to also work our magic out East.
- BEND not needed with BONED but TTW and all its requirements are required.

- Capitol Brotherhood given their own combat armor for initiates as well as different robes for Scribes. Their T-45d kept the look from out West but their T-51b has changed with the scenery sporting a new clean blue look. Specialized editions for the Lyons' Pride created as well.

- The Outcast took with them some combat armor sets from their former friends but modified and repurposed them. Their lower ranking members now use this combat armor, and their scribes now sport a new sleek black and red robe system. Their T-45d and T-51b sets are as menacing as they are protective and if you manage to get on Casdin's good side he might train you in their use!

- The Enclave actually kept up with their armor compared to their companions back West. T-51b sets were brought over to use as training sets for new recruits and soldiers. Their Advanced Power Armor looks as sleek as ever not to mention their stylish new Tesla sets. They even managed to make more of their Advanced Power Armor Mk. II systems and rumor is developed a Tesla edition of that one as well. Research hasn't slowed, though, as they continue to work and some say they have seen a new Mk. III set up near the Air Force Base.

- Ashur now sports a nice new look for his armor with a modified T-51b set. 

- Special armors as well can be found and hunted for if you like to have wild encounters.


- Works similar to the above two. Created specifically for Fallout New California.

- Vipers given Salvaged Advanced Power Armor sets to account for their raiding of the Enclave equipment.

- NCR armor systems designed to fall in line with those found in the Mojave.

- Brotherhood armors accounted for with those that wear them.

- Enclave armor made to reflect a similar system as that found in the Capitol Wasteland.


Use your mod manager of choice or extract the contents of the folders into your Fallout New Vegas directory.

If you run TTW all you need is BONED.

If you run Fallout New California I recommend using both BEND and NED

If you just have basic Fallout New Vegas then BEND is all you need.

Armor Stats:

Tribal Power Armor:

AR: 27
DT: 9
Rad Resistance: 5
Fire Resistance: 25
Luck: +1 (Tribal T-51b Helmet)

NCR T-45d Power Armor:

Agi: -2
AR: 45
DT: 20
Rad Resistance: 15
Fire Resistance: 55

Scorched Sierra T-45d Power Armor:

Str: +1
AR: 45
DT: 20
Rad Resistance: -25
Fire Resistance: 65
Health Restore: +2

Sorched Sierra T-51b Power Armor:

Str: +2
AR: 50
DT: 25
Rad Resistance: -10
Fire Resistance: 70
Health Restore: +3

NCR T-51b Power Armor:

Agi: -1
AR: 50
DT: 25
Rad Resistance: 30
Fire Resistance: 60

T-45d Power Armor:

Str: +2
AR: 60
DT: 20
Rad Resistance: 15
Fire Resistance: 55

T-51b Power Armor:
Str: +3
AR: 65
DT: 25
Rad Resistance: 30
Fire Resistance: 60

Hardened T-51b Power Armor:

Str: +3
AR: 68
DT: 29
Rad Resistance: 30
Fire Resistance: 63

Advanced Power Armor:

Str: +4
AR: 70
DT: 30
Rad Resistance: 60
Fire Resistance: 70

Tesla Advanced Power Armor:

Str: +3
AR: 68
DT: 28
Rad Resistance: 80
Fire Resistance: 65
Energy Weapons: +10

Advanced Power Armor Mk.II:

Str: +4
AR: 75
DT: 35
Rad Resistance: 75
Fire Resistance: 70

Prototype Advanced Power Armor Mk. III:

Str: +3
AR: 78
DT: 38
Rad Resistance: 65
Fire Resistance: 76
Per: +2 (Helmet)

Advanced Midwestern Power Armor:

Str: +4
AR: 69
DT: 29
Rad Resistance: 58
Fire Resistance: 69
Poison Resistance: 20
Per: +2

Vault-Tech Power Armor:

Str: +3
AR: 64
DT: 23
Rad Resistance: 30
Fire Resistance: 59
Science: +20
Int: +1 (Helmet)

Tesla Metal Armor:

AR: 32
DT: 11
Fire Resistance: 20
Rad Resistance: 60
Energy Weapons: +10
Per: +1 (Helmet)

Project Nevada Additions:

Airforce T-57c Power Armor:

Str: +3
AR: 63
DT: 24
Fire Resistance: 57
Rad Resistance: 35
AP: +20
Crit: +5 (Helmet)
- Bonus Perk: The helmet should also work like the Rebreather

All T-45b Helmets add +1 to Chr, and all T-51b Helmets add +2 Chr.
All APA Helmets take -1 from Chr, and all APA2 Helmets take -2 from Chr
Both of these changes were done for balance and lore reasons.