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Makes a number of changes to Fallout: The Frontier in the name of improving gameplay and removing sections of tedium. Namely removes the Hardcase rescue section, an extremely annoying vertibird fight, makes changes to buff the player in other vertibird battles, and more to come!

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Tgspy's Frontier Changes
What is this?

This mod is aims to remove some elements of the Frontier that suffer from extremely poor game design decisions. Whilst I do desire these changes to one day be made directly to the main game, this optional mod will suffice.

This set of changes is my personal set of changes, and serves as my contribution to the community to better improve the NCR Main Quest and some other elements of the Frontier that weren't quite as well received.


A lot of the problems with the NCR Main quest in particular stem from a combination of the chapters being made completely out of order and as such having different levels of writing competency, poor game design and overwhelming difficulty and tedium stemming from said poor game design.

The first chapter of the NCR, the tank escort and hardcase rescue, was written back in late 2015-2016, when there was very different plans on what the Frontier would be. What came after that, was the third chapter, the space station. This was written in a weird position where there was no actual story to back it up yet, and it was only made because of a desire at the time to have a space station segment, and as such it borrowed/plagiarized some scenes from other games. Yikes

This mod is my properly made way of fixing a few of these issues in the interim. I plan on expanding this as time goes on and my desire to mod improves. I haven't fully tested all of these changes especially balance concerning ones, but I have tested the major gameplay changing ones:

Here is the current list of changes


  • Cuts out the entire Hardcase rescue segment. This is possibly the least liked segement in my mind, and is nothing but setpiece after setpiece. Now you will be transported directly to the hospital once you are crucified.
  • Cuts out the entire Vertibird attack on the liberator. This one just sucked, it was too busy, too difficult and too long. No longer!
  • Removed the falling floor puzzle from the Space Station. It just doesn't work well. Not fun I'm afraid.
  • Cuts the health of all enemy vertibirds (The Dogfight vertibird after nuke base, Rancors final Vertibird, and the Voss Vertibird) by around half
  • Buffs the damage done by the vertishuttle chase weapons so you can take out voss quicker
  • Decrease speed of and increase time between C-Finder blasts in the vertibird chase after Rancor
  • Increases ammo count for Vertibird battles.
  • Gives all enclave soldiers especially those on the Space Station levelled lists for stimpaks, so the player isn't completely cut off from healing items.
  • Enclave Soldiers now spawn with weapons that aren't just plasma casters.
  • Added the quest "Only Death May Die" into Wild Wasteland. Disables all npcs/locks the entrance door when not in wild wasteland.

That's the changes I have made for now. My next goal is to cut down the ARGUS boss fight into something more combat focused instead of senior year dodge ball but this will take some time, especially as I'm working on this alongside the Alternative Start and official hotfixes.

Thanks for your time, any questions or suggestions please put them in the comments!