Fallout New Vegas
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Two unique extra playable helmet using existing meshes and textures in the Frontier, for any mod version, does require the mod its self.

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Credit for the models and textures go to the frontier team, I don't take any credit for any of these assets, the only reason I'm including meshes and textures as in this is for convenience.

All this mod does is add a slightly different unique helmet that you couldn't acquire before using pre existing meshes and textures in the frontiers files adding it to a fitting place after a fitting part of the story. Does require the mod, the frontier its self. This is a retextured riot helmet that you couldn't get for your player character before unless implementing it in yourself.

I would recommend using ADAM's ranger retexture I am including a texture and mesh file from that in this too so credit to them to, all credit goes to them for creating this particular texture and mesh file, I only am re using them hopefully they don't mind too much, it won't be distributed elsewhere.

One is acquirable where you find the unique shotgun Front Seat. The other in the NCR player shack.