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Alters Chrysalis Highwayman to use gasoline and slows it down, so your game won't crash.

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So there is a mod called "Repairable Highway Man" it needs "Fallout the Frontier".
The "Repairable Highwayman" doesn't use gas and is very fast.

    1. My mod makes the "Repairable Highwayman" use gasoline and slows it's speed down a bit.A more hardcore setting for the "Repairable Highwayman",Now I provided 4 different files. (I just renamed them btw)

      ?There two sets are computability for Titan of the New West
      (Titan of the New West)Mad Max POV
      (Titan of the New West)Vanilla POV 
      ?These two sets are for members who do not use Titan of the New West
      (Vanilla Frontier) Mad Max
      (Vanilla Frontier) Vanilla POV

      There are two POVS
      Vanilla POV (AFTER)

      Mad Max POV


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