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Adds a usable Buggy from The Frontier (req) to Goodsprings - Roll up to the bar in your fresh new whip! Just don't get blood on it..

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I somehow left a bad esp in the data folder for .2 .. please download .21 if you have any conflicts/issues before reporting anything! thank you

Here is another starting option: HotRodin

Adds a usable buggy (need The Frontier) at the Goodsprings gas station. NPC with brief "quest" .. Pretty straight forward.

Fine to slap on a current game, just head over and grab it.. gotta get the keys of course!

You need The Frontier..

You'll want the Mad Max Mojave mod for fuel distribution, parts, etc.... not technically needed but don't think you'll get very far.. I've considered adding my own distribution to not require MMM, but you being the only person with a working vehicle and not being murdered immediately doesn't feel right.. idk.. if I get some requests for it it'll probably happen.

If voice files are missing try manual install as I may have messed up the packaging. It works for me but never know. A few extra clicks oughta be worth it. A couple lines are missing due to laziness, a nightmare of a ck, and the fact it was just to learn.. I'll more than likely redo everything in the future.

Nothing shooould be broken but I can't be positive as this is the first mod Ive ever created.
Mostly uploading for general help and feedback.

MY MOD LIST -- 'MONK-JAVE' - *undergoing large changes*



SOLAR* -- to lessen/eliminate reliance on MMM for fuel - *I will need help with this so don't get overly excited, but I think Ive theorized a rudimentary implementation.. weather and time of day awareness will come after

Vehicle Respawn System -- vehicles will respawn at TBD dynamic locations after a TBD amount of time



- Need to change faction of buggy's initial form so NPC doesn't attack it
- Should alter script to clean up quest activation/completion conditions.. not a problem, just could be cleaner
- Should clean up buggy placement and make initial form static.. just aesthetic

Please let me know about any bugs or compatibility issues.

Open to suggestions or additions. For NPC clothing, name and inventory.. so.. the NPC.. I wasn't particularly inspired so any ideas just shoot

There are a couple jerry cans placed between the buggy and Primm. Check some friendly pockets to make it a little further. Drive.. uh.. safe? I guess

im aware the scripting is ancient.. i followed an old guide to familiarize myself with the GECK and did most before looking at modern techniques.. everything will be modernized when i get around to adding any advanced features as for now whats here doesnt take anything fancy to make happen

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