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Gameplay tweaks and additions, bugs and logical inconsistencies fixing.

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What is it about?
Mostly small things improvements like loot, equipment, effects, leveled and form lists, NPCs and vendor inventories, and a couple of new gameplay shticks. More of a "how I like to play" .esp turned into a mod than a legit overhaul, but hey, maybe you have the same taste!

Compatibility (as of 12 apr. '21):

Both original and new Frontier's versions:
Frontier's Hotfix 0.6.5 (last one at the moment):
it absorbed nearly everything from this mod so there's really no big reason to install these additions with it. Here's what's different:
Not included in Hotfix 0.6.5:

- Taking Fuel from some wrecked cars (will only work if these car types are in interiors)
- Nighvision Googles changes
- Destructibles on a lot of things (Performance concerns)
- Some of the one-handed bladed melee power attacks changes
- All of the pump-shotgun attack speed increases
- Edits to Jim's Sterling revolver
- Edits to the Shambly Marksman Rifle
- Edits to Covert Sniper Rifle
- Edits to Designated Marksman's Rifle
- G-13 rifle equip sound removal
- Sturdy Reserve Rifle changes
- Mower Blade buffs

Added in Hotfix 0.6.5:
- America companion will equip warmer armor when outside. (Was added and then cut in this mod due to incompatibility with the original Frontier version).

Fallout The Frontier Unofficial Patch:
compatible, but put
The Frontier - Edits and Additions below in the load order or some things will be overwritten with Fallout The Frontier Unofficial Patch.
The Frontier - Gameplay Tweaks and Fixes:
compatible, but put The Frontier - Edits and Additions below in the load order or some things will be overwritten with The Frontier - Gameplay Tweaks and Fixes.
Fallout The Frontier - Tgspy Changes:

The details:

New in version 1.5:

> all shotguns and revolvers (including the Magnum rifles) balance recheck. No more weird inconsistencies in prices, damage, mod effects, etc. Generally on par with the vanilla stats. Single-double barreled shotguns received some damage buffs to be more useful, also replaced regular rounds with slugs in their WithAmmo lists so NPCs can actually do some damage instead of throwing frozen peas at you. Made Doble Cilindros fire 1 shot at a time instead of 2 - it's much less awkward to use this way. Removed Bull shotgun from some more regular drops to make the most powerful shotgun a bit harder to attain.
> reduced fire rate of the Roman Candles and removed placed extra effects and fire effects from its explosions (performance concerns, there were complaints of it even crashing the game for some people). The difference is hardly noticeable tbh, and the DPS reduction is compensated with the increased impact damage.

NPCs / creatures:
> Scavs, Legion, Wendigos, Chilling Ones: severe loot reduction (no more half a dozen kinds of ammo on every dead scav), more variety in explosives (mines, incendiary grenades, bricks, and rocks instead of just pipe bombs). Added throwing spears to Legion primes and recruits and removed all guns from the latter (not that they were doing any significant damage with these low-tier SMGs anyway).
> Scav Rocketeers: varied armors/helmets (it just didn't sit right with me that some raiders were more consistent with their "uniform" than the NCR troopers :p).
> Legion, Scavs: increased melee and unarmed damage (melee/unarmed +35, spears + 20, bricks/rocks + 45). Receiving 1-5 HP damage from a machete or hatchet while wearing nothing but leather armor and some helmet vexed me from my very first NV playthrough.
> Wendigos: body part damage increase so NPC would have more chance against them (since AI always makes NPCs target the torso and the only weak spots Wendigos had were the limbs). Fire immunity removal (there is no good reason for them to be fireproof, it was probably a leftover from the DM's ghosts templates). Attack reach reduction so it would be easier to maneuver while going close combat with them (no more getting hit while being 1.5m away from the fist while trying to dodge). Attack damage reduction, but severe rad. poisoning (+65 rads, -6 HP/4s.) on a critical hit, and crit chance got multiplied by 10 so it's very common!. You can't be poisoned while blocking though, just some shtick to reward a more tactical combat approach.
> Spiders: added a chance to drop Concentrated Spider Venom on death.
> Frost Lion Resort spiders: reduced HP (some rotten zombie bug shouldn't be able to shrug off getting hit twice with a 308.), new spit attack sounds, different blood projectile impact sound so the combat will be less confusing.
> Frost Lion Resort NPCs (dead and alive): loot reduction.

> Shields: "static" DT reduced, but +90 DT, +90 poison resistance, and +90 fire resistance effect while blocking. Shields can now be equipped with Unarmed weapons too (except the Riot Shield bc of its size) and mines.

> Concentrated Spider Venom, Deadly Mushroom Paste - made them being able to be applied to weapons instead of just damaging your HP.

> Camp Phoenix doctor: added Fixer, Radaway, Field Dressings
> Adam (Irvington shop), Marty (Wasted Angel), Danny (Danny's Shop), The Merchant (Salt Town), Callen (Junkflea), gun vendor (Junkflea), Old Ben, Ostia weapon vendor, Lamarok (Crusaders), XBZ (Old Fart Saloon): added more ammo (including the special types), added some high tier weapons that are rare or hard to attain in the Frontier (Magnum Rifle Snubnose, Riot Shotgun, Brush Gun, Tesla Cannon, Zap Glove, etc.).

Generic containers:
> reduced loot in destructible wooden crates and barrels.

> renavmeshed the player home in Arlington (old navmesh caused bugs when you let companions wander around).

> completely removed all Project Nevada, BLEED, etc. warning messages.
> lots of vanilla form lists updates through the script (all appropriate vanilla items now can be repaired with the TF items, plus Travel Light, Light Touch, and Fight The Power! perks armors lists update with the Frontier armors).

> Replacement of ammo near the Jericho cannon with the one that will actually work with it (ECP Max Charge instead of regular ECP).

=========== MISCELLANEOUS ===========

> Some wrecked cars:

will allow you to take fuel from their tanks (if you'll have an empty canister or ingredients to make it).

> Almost all Frontier's bottles, clay pots, lab flasks, lava lamps, spray cans, and some other clutter that could logically be destructible, will be now, with destroyed replacements in some cases, like broken compass will appear if you'll shoot a regular compass. Or a cloud of toxic gas will be released if you'll destroy a bug spray.
A tip: you better don't use grenades in the areas where you want to loot that H-Bomb energy drinks lying around.

> When you will activate the truck bench after recruitment, your standard issued helmet, armor, and backpack will be removed and replaced with different equipment loosely based on your weapon choice (or just different for the sake of diversity and less clipping). For example - you'll get lighter armor and a ghillie poncho if you have chosen a sniper rifle. Also you'll be issued with some limb healing Field Dressings because it's not fun having to limp through all first missions if you're using hardcore mode. I also have added some 12Ga slugs to the "shotgun" weapon option,, and replaced Jonnygun in the "assault rifle" option with Sturdy Reserve Rifle (I'm biased against those Jonnyguns, they look like Laser RCWs, and are just too common!).

> Added a new item - Portable Toolbox (shows workbench recipe menu upon activating). It can be purchased at Danny's shop, or rarely can be found in toolbox containers.

> Various safes, duffle bags, toolboxes, first aid kits, crates loot tweaks. Generally, just cut Stimpaks and Radaway quantities a bit, added more limb healing items and more interesting junk where it belongs. For example, duffle bags can now spawn scarves, capes, hatchets, binoculars, and other outdoors and survival-related gear. Welding masks, nails, steam glasses can now be found in toolboxes.
Destructible wooden crates will now spawn random sets of thematic items - from useless junk like empty bottles and pre-war clothing to full crates of weapons or hazmat armors / radiation supplies. Destructible barrels will now contain food items (seriously, who would store clipboards, Stimpacks, and Radaways in a wooden barrel?).
Also, there's now a chance to find human remains inside dead Yeshous.

> Chilling One's hands-in-the-air summoning attacks can now freeze you for several seconds (Honest Heart's Compliance Regulator paralysis effect). Freezing won't be applied if you'll melee-block in time, or if you are already frozen (to give you time to get up and not be stuck in the paralyzed state).

> Gargantuan Ghouls will now release radioactive farts after death. Yeah.

> I know everyone was waiting for this: you can now actually consume a pumpkin, no more "you can't eat a whole pumpkin!" pop-up upon activating. Now you can eat it, but you'll need to equip some kind of cutlery for slicing first, like a knife, axe, or even a shovel. Watermelon will now have the same condition too because of similar size and form.

> An abandoned home in Arlington Heights was turned into a player home with work and reloading benches, bed, fuel barrel where you can turn Milk Canisters into Jerry Cans, and new balanced rads / addictions removal and limb healing options. I spent more than 200 hours playing Frontier and if it wasn't for the GECK I would have never found that cave player home Frontier provides. Even if it wasn't so discreet, it's still inconvenient if you don't use fast travel because it's too far from everything. And if you are fast traveling, the way map marker is located makes it hard to use with cars. Factions player rooms are pretty all right, but there's one huge minus: if you lose reputation - you lose the room together with all your collected gear.

> Spider victim's mummies will now spawn a gnawed human skeleton upon destruction. They'll also could be destroyed by melee and unarmed weapons now (it was only ranged weapons before).

=========== COMPANIONS ===========

> LAPn will now have spawning sounds when you release it / put it back in inventory. I also added some idle and moving sounds, and did some tuning in its weapons stats - grenade launcher will now shoot a flame glob like vanilla Incinerator, instead of 40mm grenade, and you can turn it off by removing flamer fuel from robot's inventory. The energy gun will have a less irritating sound and new crit disintegration effect from Dual-Fusion Blaster instead of vanilla disintegration.

> All companions now won't use explosives with no regard of friendlies / bystanders, turning everyone around against you. The LAPn was the most irritating in this regard.

> America will equip warmer armor when outside. The half-naked torso is unimmersive in the below water-freezing temperatures. (Cut this one out in the 1.1 version for the original Frontier and Unofficial Patch compatibility).

=========== WEAPONS ===========

> Added some overlooked Grunt, Cowboy, The Professional, Pyromaniac, Demolition Expert, Loose Cannon, Shotgun Surgeon-related weapons to the appropriate form lists (they will now be affected by that perks). A full list is in the pinned comment in the "posts" section.

> For a less bullet-spongy experience, Frontier's explosives will do extra damage to stronger enemies - scav cars, howitzers, enclave enforcers, scav giants, wendigos, etc. For example grenades, pipe bombs and mines will do 450+ damage to howitzers (1500 health) and 550+ damage to gargantuan ghouls (2200 health). Grenade Launcher will do approximately half of that because it's much faster.

> New mines will be more effective - less detonation time, so less chance for enemies to just run past them before they explode, forced knockdowns, more damage over time will be dealt by incendiary and electric mines. Jerry Can's fire damage is also increased.

> Hitting abominations, animals, or insects with a torch will now set them fleeing for 3 seconds. The torch will also have a larger area of light and can actually help you in darker places. Also, a wooden stick sound will be played when hitting something (it was just a flame impact sound before).

> Tweaked Harpoon Gun a lot. It will now have a more logical and powerful attack sound, will cost less (the old price was 12000 caps for some reason), harpoon ammo will weigh less, and can now be craftable. Electric harpoons will place an electrocution sound and visual effect on the enemy and will deal more electric damage over time, and bonus damage to power armor enemies, robots, and vehicles. Incendiary harpoons will now explode when they hit an enemy or after the projectile timer ends (previously they only exploded if the enemy happened to be close enough to a stuck projectile, which disappeared quickly, so practically never). Incendiary harpoon's flame damage will be more effective too, and extra damage will be dealt to stronger NPCs, like wendigos or gargantuan ghouls. Explosive harpoons will do extra damage to stronger enemies too.

> Crossbow will now have a powerful incendiary explosion critical effect with varied extra flame damage to stronger enemies (same principle / lists as explosives, only damage application will be stretched for a couple of seconds of burning). Could seem a little overpowered for a crossbow, but I think it's justified for a unique weapon to have some extra kick. Bolts recipe will now additionally require flamer fuel and primers. Also, bolts will have more powerful impact sounds when hitting bodies or wood. The repair skill requirement to craft bolts was lowered from 65 to 40.

> Various one-handed bladed weapons changes, mostly some description fixes, minor stat edits for more consistency, and power attack animation changes for more variety and effectiveness (instead of "back slash" there will mostly be "default" big hacks NPCs use, or War Club's "lights out" attack for bigger swords - more chance to hit the head, thus a power attack have a chance to actually be powerful).

> Worn Fire Axe and Axcalibur will now have better impact data set with juicer sounds and Frontier's new effect meshes, instead of vanilla sledgehammer one.

=========== ARMORS ===========

> Shields will now provide 25 extra damage threshold while you are blocking.

> Nightvision Googles can now be equipped on players' forehead and back on eyes using the switch that is automatically added to the "aid" section. It removes the currently equipped goggles version and adds and equips either "forehead" or "eyes" one). Also, some sounds will now be played when the night vision effect will be turned on and off.

> Backpacks Agility penalties could now be reduced or removed with the Strong Back perk.

> All capes except the conspicuous red-colored ones will have a "+5 sneak while outside and crouching" camouflage effect. Ghillie cape and ponchos will give +10 sneak with the same conditions.

> All capes will now have the "has backpack" flag activated, which means they'll force a power armor bulkier stance and different rifle position on the back. I did it to avoid rifles clipping through capes. There's a common vanilla bug when people are stuck with this bulky stance after unequipping armor until the game is reloaded, but I'm experiencing it myself and still think it's better than this ugly clipping.
> NCR armors that have a lot of pockets, satchels, pouches, etc. will now increase carry weight a bit. Some "has backpack" flags were also added where needed for less rifles / back gear and hands / side pouches clipping.

> Mala Bag now uses a different slot so it can be worn together with backpacks (but its carry weight bonus is nerfed).

> Tweaked Sergeant Fatigues and NCR Vertibird Pilot Outfit stats to be more logical. The First had 26 lbs weight despite being just a t-shirt and pants, the second had 1 DT despite having some kind of load-bearing or bulletproof vest on it.

> Added some fire resistance and price to Welding Mask (its value was 0 caps).

> Removed mask slot flag from Scav Hood (Desert Style). There was no need for it and it didn't allow me to equip Surgical Mask, and you gotta take precautions in the current climate, you know.

=========== AMMO ===========

> Cherry bomb shotgun ammo will now be somewhat useful because its loud cracks and flashes will scare animals and mutated animals for a couple of seconds (like Lonesome Road's Flare Gun with abominations) and will do some extra damage to spiders and other creepy crawlies (mutated insects). It will also have more spread, less impact force, less impact damage, and will explode on hit instead of having a timer because it's more effective / smooth looking that way. Changed its recipe too: it required 5 vanilla cherry bombs to make 1 round and they are so rare I think I've encountered no more than a couple of dozen through all my fallout-playing "career".

> Blocked one of the recipes for 12Ga nail rounds, because there were two for some reason. Changed the remaining recipe to be more vanilla-friendly (it will now require hulls, powder, and primers like all vanilla 12Ga variants, instead of just scrap metals). Also tweaked its stats a bit (gave it a weapon condition penalty effect and a little spread increase, but buffed the DT bypass bonus).

> Mining Bolts will cost less. They were so expensive you could loot 1500 worth out of a single container.

> Added Tank Shell and Heavy Tank Shell recipes to the workbench (version 1.3). Tank Shells are pretty rare and Heavy Tank Shells are not even present anywhere (except those 50 rounds that are already in the tank).

=========== ALSO WEAPONS (more boring stuff like stats fixes) ===========

> Pipe Bombs projectiles will now have attached light to empathize the burning fuse. I also added pipe bombs recipes to the workbench menu. 

> Reduced explosion force of some frag explosions (Triple and Single Pipe Bombs, Anti-Personnel Grenades, 40mm Grenade APW, and some more). It was just too much with bodies flying 10 meters up in the air and constant camera shake.

> Reduced explosion force of Roman Candles' fireworks, because seriously, how much screen shaking can one endure, it's too much for a firework to produce 1.5 x stronger explosion than the vanilla dynamite stick. Also removed annoying blinding imagespace visuals from them.

> Triple Pipe Bomb's weight and price were edited to show that it's actually three regular Pipe Bombs tied together (it was the same price / weight as a single Pipe Bomb). Also increased its damage from 200 to 300 (it's 3x pipe bombs tied together, 150 damage each, so it's still underpowered).

> Volcano Mine will now cost 400 caps instead of 1000. Still not really that effective for its price I think.

> Added way too rare Triple Pipe Bombs and Rattler Grenades to TFLootGrenadeAll list (Gargantuan Ghouls loot) and TFDannyShopVendorExplosives (Danny's vendor inventory and some scav vehicles loot).

> Changed Tank Buster reload recipe to require missiles instead of dynamite because the latter is so rare that the recipe is kind of useless. Also changed the "TB44" both in the recipe name and in the spent misc item name to "Tank Buster" to be consistent with the weapon name.

> Jackhammer shotgun will have a different sound to help differentiate it from Mossberg / vanilla hunting shotgun. Also, clip size is increased from 5 to 8 because it has a long tube mag.

> All pump shotguns will attack faster. Never understood why hunting shotguns needed to be that much nerfed in New Vegas. I mean type "slam-firing pump shotgun" in the youtube search bar, you'd be

> Epardox' Colt will have more logical stats (i think old ones were just copied from Lucky revolver). Also will now have a more smoky / sparky muzzle flash because it looks like an old black powder revolver, and a faster reload, so people will think about actually using it and not dropping it at the first trader because of slow single-action revolver reload.

> Unbound pistol will now use .45 auto (with stats changed accordingly, around Honest Heart's A Light Shining In Darkness pistol level). Because huge 47-70 rounds in what looks like Mauser C96 pistol is... bold.

> Jim's Sterling will also use .45 rounds. Drum looks too short for 45-70, and it generally looks like  Reichsrevolver M1879, which used 10.6 x 25 mm ammo, so the .45 caliber (11.51 x 32.4 mm) is still a buff. Nerfed it's damage a bit due to smaller round, but not so much that it's not worth using.

> Legionnaires' Flamer got renamed to Flamethrower and got its DPS and range increased because vanilla Flamer's stats are criminally underpowered. Also, it's now doing some extra damage to spiders and stronger enemies like scav cars and raises dehydration level.
> Service Pistol will have a more beefy sound (Police Pistol's instead of 9mm Pistol's) and a damage and attack speed that are more useful in the Frontier's combat and justify its price.

> Nerfed 12.7mm Revolver a bit for consistency, but it's still a hand cannon, especially with the Cowboy perk.

> Changed Sturdy Reserve Rifle's Forged Receiver mod to be Upgraded Springs, so it bumps up DPS instead of giving a pretty useless condition bonus.

> Cut-Down Shotgun will have less spread and will now use 1 round per shot instead of 2. It's a lot more useful that way, and with vanilla Sawed-Off and Big Boomer, and Frontier's Doble Cilindros there's probably enough 12 Ga double-barrels firing 2 shells at a time. The same changes were applied to Donovan's shotgun.

> Added 40mm Grenade APW to vanilla grenade launcher repair list (because you could
repair frontier's grenade launcher with vanilla one but not vice versa). Also, it will now have a 3D distance sound.

> Added .44 Magnum Sixgun and RJJ45 Magnum to vanilla .44 Magnum revolver repair list, same reason as with the grenade launchers.

> Removed .357 caliber revolvers from .44 Magnum Sixgun repair list and added .44 revolvers there.

> Added a harpoon to TFWithAmmoHarpoon list so NPCs won't have a chance to spawn with a Harpoon Gun and no ammo to use it (it only contained 75% and 25% chance to spawn lists).

> Added shotguns with cherry bomb rounds to scav weapon lists, because no NPCs were
actually using that impressive-looking ammo.

> Added Rugged .45 auto SMG to TFNCRTrooperBaseWeapons list and reduced Jonnyguns chance there (those damn omnipresent Laser RSWs' ballistic cousins in way too many variations, I have a distaste for them).

> Added Sickle to Snowmen melee weapons list, also a 25% chance of Bee Hive grenade to accompany a melee weapon.

> Changed Bee Hive equip, unequip, pick up and put down sounds from frag grenade's to more appropriate ones. Added a sound to bee swarm spawn explosion.

> Changed detection level of Shambly Marksman Rifle from "silent" to "normal", and set the louder attack sounds: it doesn't have any kind of silencer. Reduced its crit chance from 5 to 3 but increased base damage from 26 to 30 (it's the same damage Marksman Carbine chambered in the same round is doing with the Grunt perk, so pretty balanced I think) and critical damage from 26 to 60 (Paciencia-style: crits do double base damage). Also reverted its attack animation that was (unintentionally?) set to semi-auto in the Hotfix 0.6.0 back to bolt-action.

> Changed detection level of Covert Sniper Rifle from "silent" to "normal" (should've been "loud" like any other .308 rifle,  but it's called "covert" and has some camouflaging sackcloth pieces on it, so should be somewhat stealthy), and set the louder attack sounds: it also doesn't have any kind of silencer.

> Changed detection level of Designated Marksman Rifle from "silent" to "loud", and set the appropriate attack sounds: again, the rifle is silent but there's no suppressor.

> Removed Mysterious Magnum equip / unequip sound from G-13 Rifle. Just doesn't fit there neither stylistically (Mexican-style guitar strumming and rattlesnake tail shaking don't go as well with an automatic rifle as with a revolver), nor lore-wise.

> America's blaster was nerfed because with the player's charisma maxed she was destroying scav
vehicles more effective than a missile launcher.

> Various guns sound levels adjustments to reduce ear bleeding.

=========== ALSO MISCELLANEOUS (but not so impressive to put on top of the list) ===========

> Tweaked Halberd, Flame-Bladed Sword, wall-mounted shields, and Axcalibur activators scripts so when you'll take them, you'll immediately equip them without having to open Pip-Boy.

> Vendors will now sell 2x more weapon mods. This is the thing I never understood when playing New Vegas - why do mods have to be so rare?

> Added a warm beanie and scarf to Ghoul Apostle, because he was looking unimmersive standing on the cold in those thin rags.

> Removed machete and gun and added a spear to legionnaire Granger for dialogue consistency (he threats player with a "stick"). Also gave him a scav outfit to equip after he gives the player his armor if a player has chosen to set him free with a condition to desert from the legion.

> Added missing use sound to Hedera Nectar Reduction.

> Paragalis and Slime's acid spits will have an impact sound now (the same one as Corrosive Glove from Old World Blues).

> Added more ammo and reloading supplies to Callen Burr's inventory since he's supposed to be the uber superior giga mega ammo vendor according to dialogue.

> Added some more NCR accessories and armors to Quartermaster Gallius' inventory, mostly the ones player will have a low chance to stumble upon otherwise.

> Added some items I felt were under-represented in the game to Danny's inventory, like some more explosives, rare ammos, and reloading supplies.

> Replaced weak vanilla explosives in DannyShopVendorExplosives list with The Frontier ones.

> Lootable shelves and shopping carts won't stuff your inventory with unbeknown random junk anymore, only useful items like chems or food from now on.

> Added water barrel and hot plate to NCR player shack.

> Turned Solid Project, Bleed, and Project Nevada warnings from DLC-style pop-ups to regular 2-second corner messages. You still shouldn't use them in the Frontier, this is for those who want these mods while in the Mojave before recruitment or after returning, without having to either press "ok" every time they die or reload a save, or lose all the gear they brought from Portland by turning Frontier plugin off.

> Some small things I probably missed that wasn't worth mentioning anyway, concentrated around the aforementioned changes. Like replacement of Jerry Can's explosion sound with the same sound but with more logical attenuation (you'll be able to hear it from a longer distance). Or "pass through small transparent" flags on harpoons and crossbow bolts, or less bouncy multipliers on some throwable explosives (they will be more likely to stay where they landed).

I've playtested it extensively, but if you'll stumble upon some screw-ups, please inform me in the comments or in the "Bugs" section. Also, my English is pretty wonky, if you are a native speaker and think some mod's messages contain mistakes or sentences are oddly composed or something, don't hesitate to tell me.

Miguick for some valuable modding advice.