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"freedom is not just a term used on the 4th of July, freedom is not just a buzzword you throw into a speech to make people like you, freedom is not even the self destructive intake of calories that far exceed your body. freedom is whatever you want it to be cause that's what freedom is"

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The Freedom Launcher is a M1 Garand firing either fireworks or Red Glare rockets, what's more to ask? She's also able to take advantage of the Grunt, Pyromaniac, and Demolition Expert perks so its real BOOM TIME.

with a Repair of 65 you can craft this bad boi with a Battle rifle, a couple scrap metal, and a paint gun at a workbench
As for ammo well the fireworks can be crafted with scrap metal, small rifle primer and rifle powder at a reloadbench

Firework Version: Frontier , JIP LN , and the latest xNVSE 
Red Glare Version: ´╗┐Lonesome Road, Gun Runner's Arsenal, JIP LN , and the latest xNVSE  
It should work with either WRP or WTH for retextures

The Frontier for the awesome fireworks and mod
Fitzynator42 for making the model
And DN for helping