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Adds two places on The Frontier map where you can travel with your Vertibird. Tale of Three Wastelands only.

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Tale of Three Wastelands
Testing all kinds of ways and mods to move between three wastelands I have found Falcon TTW With Sortomatic -mod is the nicest way to travel. It is both really fast and immersive at the same time. It was just missing The Frontier support.

The Frontier support
This mod adds two markers to the map at NCR Airport and Robco Tower in places where Vertibird has room to land nicely. It also adds to Mojave Terminal extra menu for The Frontier to travel these places.

I still think The Frontier should be covered as well as Mojave and Capital Wastelands but this was good enough for me now. So I consider this a quick fix.

Little Warning
It is most likely possible to break your game pretty badly by calling in vertibird during a scripted quest. So finish the quests before changing place.

The Frontier:
Tale of Two Wastelands:
The Falcon TTW With Sortomatic:

To all the Frontier and TTW Developers. First playthrough of all three wastelands has been such cool a gaming experience.
Jedininjafuq for bringing the Falcon TTW Vertibird player home to us. Air support always available.