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Adds Winter Camouflage armor for player to find in The Frontier world.

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Custom T-51B power armor with faded winter camouflage paint. Very fitting for your gaming through snowy Portland.

Where to find the armor?
Go north from NCR airport gates for few blocks. You will see left a blue pickup truck next to a damaged barn. There will most likely be some small tarantulas  coming from the direction of the pickup. There is a container next to the truck with camo paint and Brotherhood of Steel marking on it.  Also go check out the barn. It has a story to tell. 

Armor is situated in The Frontier Map, so it is naturally a requirement.

Armor is independent of standard armors

Install the High Jump addition. It adds same scripts as in Enclave Cosmic armors. Enables to jump 3x higher and longer.

Uses HD(4096x4096) textures edited from Strider5 excellent version of T-51B. This mod doesn't change any standard armors so you can have also Strider5 excellent replacer armor installed:

Winter camo pattern from Chris Spoon: