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Make the RobCo Tower Penthouse worth obtaining! Replace the suite's terribly embarrassing fanfiction with slightly less embarrassing fanfiction!

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While the idea of a RobCo Tower Penthouse Suite is pretty neat (and visually it's very well-designed), it contains a few concepts that I feel clash with the character of Mr. House. It also isn't very useful from a practical standpoint... this makes the effort of obtaining it feel like a bit of a let-down.

This mod seeks to accomplish two things: make the RobCo Tower Penthouse worth obtaining, and replace the suite's terribly embarrassing fanfiction with slightly less embarrassing fanfiction. If you don't mind spoilers there's a list of adjustments made below.


  • FalloutNV.esm
  • DeadMoney.esm
  • HonestHearts.esm
  • OldWorldBlues.esm
  • LonesomeRoad.esm
  • The Frontier.esm


  • For some reason, the "Stairs" sign by one of the doors flickers in and out (depending on distance). This is an issue with the wall object and I can't fix it.
  • A few inconsistent lighting issues.
  • From what I understand a lot of The Frontier was reworked to account for controversy. I use this earlier version of Frontier that keeps the original vision of the game intact. I can't guarantee this will work perfectly with whatever version is on the Nexus (though I also can't imagine why it wouldn't.)


  • The suite now contains an auto-doc, crafting bench and cooking stove.
  • There is now a transponder weapon that will teleport you from the RobCo Penthouse Suite to the Lucky 38 casino & back. Now you can return to Frontier without paying a heap of caps!
  • Marilyn is no longer in cryogenic stasis in a corner of the room. While she is certainly one of Mr. House's girls, the lore of New Vegas makes it apparent he preserves people through imperfect Securitron replicas, not encasing them in cryo-tubes. The accompanying letter also didn't sound anything like him.
  • Vulcan Warhammer has been renamed to "Hephaestus Warhammer". A note explaining this decision is now written from the viewpoint of Mr. House, rather than Oscar. (The hammer retains all of its in-game traits otherwise.)
  • The suite's wall safe contains two gold bars in addition to other, generic contents. This is meant to serve as a "prize" for finding the place (and it's not unlikely House would store something like that in his private, secured suite.)
  • Additional clutter.
  • A terminal ostensibly written by Mr. House now sits at the suite's desk. It doesn't do anything, I just wanted to practice writing with his character voice. Also, it seemed weird his private room didn't have a computer in it.

If you can't stand America or the Crusaders writing: coc TFRobCoTowerAppartment