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Replaces most of the ambient and combat tracks added by the Frontier mod with music from the vanilla game.

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Also corrected a couple text typos because why not. I've made an effort to have the tracks somewhat fit the locales (NCR music in NCR locations, Legion music in Legion locations, etc) though there's bound to be a few areas or setpieces with unfitting music as I don't exactly have the time to meticulously go through every cell and change every audio marker. Report any areas with egregiously unfitting music and I'll see about correcting it.

NOTE: This mod was made with the original release version of The Frontier. I have no idea if it will work properly with the new, post-skunk release. It should, as the only worldspace edits made were to audio markers, but you never know.

T A C T I C A L weapon pose in the screenshot is by 7thNighthawk. Direct all questions regarding it to him.