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Explore a vault whose experiment might seem oddly familiar... They failed to find the imposter... Can you?

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The Purpose

We play Among Us a lot, and we originally started working on this mod as part of our Frontier Add-Ons. However, we took it seriously enough that it spun off into it's own project. Now some of you might ask, "Why did you want to bring Among Us into Fallout New Vegas?" Shhhhhhhhh. Let people have fun. Everyone else, let's gooooooooooo.

The Content

The mod is relatively simple as far as quest mods go. A vault is added to the wasteland, accessible via a sewer manhole on the road south from Goodsprings. The quest within should take you somewhat less than an hour if you actually read the notes, but you could get it done very quickly if you rush. The gist of the quest is that you stumble upon a game of Among Us after it has ended disastrously (O2 sabotage). There's a lore explanation for how the vault worked, and it is up to the player to decide who the imposter was. The player will need to investigate the small vault for clues to learn what had happened and come to their own conclusion. Only if you vote correctly will you survive, and even then, there may be some peril. Hopefully we dropped enough hints for the player to figure out who the imposter is without making it too easy! (Note you will need some basic Repair and Lockpick skills and that this mod has about the same level of maturity as is typically found in Fallout.)

The Cameo

This mod includes a cameo featuring some work made by the talented prodlimen! We would show it or describe it, but... spoilers!

The Rewards

Something we really wanted to do with this mod was let the player dress up in Among Us inspired hazmat outfits, and so it does! You're given the option of two at the beginning of the quest, but at the end, you can have all 12 of them. There's also a unique weapon...

The Patch

We did make this mod originally with the intention that the vault would be found in the Frontier to add some lighthearted content to brighten the journey. Plus, so few people make quest mods for DLC or modded worldspaces! So to honor our original intention, we made a patch that simply moves the sewer manhole to be in the Frontier instead of the Mojave. You can find the manhole down the road from the RobCo Tower that the Crusaders call home.

The End

Thanks again to prodlimen for his resources! We only had a few graphics mods running for the screenshots this time, like the Groovatron and Onix ENB. If you'd like to support us, perhaps consider watching Cinemodded Fallout or listening to our podcast, Game Theorem.