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Changes Wrecked Highwayman to be repairable and drivable. Highwayman model has new appearance closer to Fallout 2 version.

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"The Highwayman's a sweet car; Chryslus sure knew how to make them back then." -Chop Shop mechanic Fallout 2

Where to find car in Mojave?
Wrecked Highwayman is situated between Searchlight and Novac.

Where to find Fuel Cell Controller for the car?
Lets make this a little competition. I have hidden two of these components in Mojave. Hints for the locations to search from can be found from mod images here and checking out the car in game. Lets see who can get a drivable Highwayman first. Please publish the locations in comments if you find them. 

How to Drive?
Activating front of the car gets you driving. Activating rear lets you use the trunk, refuel and adjust the map marker on/off(default off). Car can be repaired with Repair Thermic Lance and Scrap Metal.

The Frontier is needed. Using vehicle system and other assets from Frontier files.

Car and changes are independent of other cars found in The Frontier.
This mod removes the extra items added by Jsawyer mod but I have added Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit next to the car.
Mod is TTW compatible.

Recommended Extra Mods
If/when you run out of fuel this mod adds fuel selling ghouls to gas stations and some cars driving around:
Highwayman is also compatible with my other car mod, which adds a little garage close to El Dorado Gas & Service :
If you want a slower version of the car with gasoline consumption check this mod. It can also fix problems with Titans of the New West -mod:

Thank you for The Frontier mod which brought us the vehicle system.
Xilandro who made the car system has done really excellent job. It is such a good and solid base to build vehicles for New Vegas in the future.

Car Model is based based and converted from FO4 mod:
Thank you EdgeUK90 for letting me use his model.

Oc3l0t and SoggySyrup for inspiration, comments and testing the mod.