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This mod is an aesthetic revamp of Pavo Attius' house which is located right next to Kolskeggr Mine.

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This mod is an aesthetic revamp of both exterior and interior of Pavo Attius' house
which is located right next to Kolskeggr Mine.
The idea rise from the desire to give a little variety to minor buildings but maintaining
total compatibility with any other mod.
WiZkiD Pavo's House is indeed compatible with everything, it does not require any patch and does not occupy a precious plugin slot since it is an ESL flagged ESP, it is also compatible by default with DynDOLOD, the archive already contains all the required LOD files.
Just rebuild DynDOLOD if you want the close model to match the one from far distance.

Those who use SSE Parallax Shader Fix will enjoy the parallax effect observable on the building roof.



Download and install it with your preferred mod manager.

Enjoy! ;)

For now, the support is on my Discord channel only but if you want to 
leave comments in the posts section you are welcome 

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