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A new and complete retexture of all the Skyrim signs. Every single texture I created was designed to look as realistic and lorefriendly as possible.

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WiZkiD Signs is a complete retexture of all the signs of Skyrim. All textures are in 2k quality and I created them according to some concepts I consider foundamentals, quality, realism and fidelity to the original design.
Many alchemy shops and general stores signs now have custom textures instead of generic ones.
All the models used are those excellently crafted by Brumbek for his SMIM mod and are perfectly compatible with any other mod that adds new signs to the game.
All signs react to the wind and move accordingly, no need of Blowing in the Wind but if you have this mod installed you have to place my mod after it and obviously after SMIM too.
The FOMOD also includes a "static" version for those who wish to have static signs not moved by the wind.
Due to the modified UV map, my textures are compatibles only with my version of SMIM signs.

Installing WiZkiD Signs is extremely easy, download and install it with you preferred mod manager and let it overwrite
both SMIM and Blowing in the Wind if already present in your load order.
The easy to use FOMOD installer includes many patches (new custom HD signs) for some of the best mods out there like Arthmoor new settlements and village expansions, Legacy of the Dragonborn V5, No Snow Under the Roof and many more.


check out my new signs mod WiZkiD Specific Signs, its the perfect companion for WiZkiD Sings!

Skyrim LE version here

Special thanks and credits

ZXAmonXZ for having created the Solitude Fletcher sign
 for all NIFs used and for having created his irreplaceable SMIM
Rudy102 for a beautiful wood texture used in the Winking Skeever sign

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