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This mod corrects all ELFX - Exteriors problems, it makes window lights working again, it solves shadow bridges glitches and many other minor details.

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ELFX Enteriors has always aroused mixed feelings, there are those who love it and those who hate it deeply. How many times have you installed it and then removed in disgust? It adds a tons of beautiful details but at the same time ruins other features, from bad to no window lights to glitched shadows under bridges to Windhelm that turns into a dead city. With this plugin you will forget these flaws forever!
It also solves many problems with mods that changes bridges around Skyrim.

Install it with your favourite mod manager.
ELFX - Exterior Fixes is a complete replacer of the original plugin, meshes included, so you can install it alone.

ELFX - Exteriors Fixes retain the same compatibility of the original ELFX - Exteriors plugin.

A very special thanks to anamorfus for his wonderful mod.

Consider to join my Discord channel, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and you can even download my "Unreleased mods" or test those that are currently in WIP. 

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