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Some patches for Capital Whiterun Expansion.

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Capital Whiterun Expansion is one of the best Whiterun expansions available. It doesn't expand Whiterun's interior massively, and it doesn't add lots of useless clutter. Outside the walls, it adds just three buildings (the Roadhouse, the Customs Hall, and a courier).  I liked it so much, I decided to make a handful of patches for it to play nice with some of the other mods I use.

What these patches do:

A Few Trees in Whiterun: There were a quite a few trees that conspicuously clipped with several of the buildings added by Capital Whiterun Expansion. Some of its NPCs also seemed to hang up on a few trees. Some of the trees would protrude through the ramps, ramparts and towers of Fortified Whiterun. In keeping with the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) theory, I moved the trees. Quite accidentally, the new tree locations also meld nicely with the following mods: JK's Bannered MareOblivion Gates in Cities, The Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman, and This is Jorrvaskr.

Boardwalk Disabler: (Provided by InstantKor) this patch disables the boardwalk from Whiterun's streets.

Fortified Whiterun: (This patch requires a new play through to work correctly)
   Outside the city fixes:
  • In the outer bailey, along the western wall, there are three merchants. One merchant clips badly with the wall, the other is trapped inside it. This patch adjusts the location of all three so that they don't clip and aren't crowded together.
  • Two platforms added by CWE are blocked by Fortified Whiterun's walls (platforms removed).
   Inside the city fixes:
  • The western most archway to the wind district (immediately north of the main gate guard house) had a section of the wall clipping at the top of the ladder. This is a good news / bad news situation. The good news is: I was able to resolve the clipping. The bad news is: the asset used to make the gatehouse requires its collision geometry to be edited so that the player can get on the rampart. The really bad news is: the ability to edit collision geometry is currently beyond my skill set. At least it will look a little better.
  • For those that do not use A Few Trees in Whiterun, this patch now moves the one tree that clipped through the platform in the Gildergreen Plaza. It will not conflict with the A Few Trees in Whiterun patch as they both move the same tree to the exact same location.

Lanterns of Skyrim II: The Roadhouse's lantern was replaced with a swinging lantern. I also added a lantern to the Customs Hall and the courier's shack.

The Brotherhood of Old: (Provided by InstantKor) this patch moves the clipping khajiit camp.

Tweak Patch:
   Outside the city fixes:
  • The wagons and hand cart added by this mod had their wheels half burred in the terrain. At the Roadhouse, the spare wagon wheels (I assume for sale if someone's wagon broke a wheel) that are hanging off the wall were also clipping badly. All those items had their geometry adjusted.
   Inside the city fixes:
  • At the main gate, on the ground, there was always a quiver of iron arrows in the middle of the street. I discovered that it was supposed to be on the rampart above and was falling through the floor. It should not do that any more.
  • The cart outside the Fine-Hair house had its wheels sunken into the terrain (adjusted).
  • Some of the buildings added by CWE (Brightflour Bakery, Karlsten's House, Ronja's House, Erundil's Shack, etc.) had their window emittance adjusted to match the rest of Whiterun. The other buildings didn't need it.
  • Be sure to load this patch after the grass patch.

Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin: Clears the grass from high traffic areas for the Customs Hall, the Roadhouse, and to the merchant boardwalks in the outer bailey.

Used SSEEdit to flag all the .esp files as .esl


Simply download the file(s) you need, and install through your mod manager.

Note: If you use mods such as No Grass In Objects to pre-cache your grass, you will have to regenerate again.

Other Grass Mods:

(Provided by Sattyre) Download the file:          A. Whiterun Expansion 1.5 Normal Version - Grass Patch
  • The file does not have a master for a grass mod. So you will need to change the master requirements (using Wrye Bash or editor of choice) so LOOT can sort correctly. If you do not, you will have to manually sort your load order (place the patch after/below your grass mod of choice and Capital Whiterun Expansion)

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Appreciation and thanks to PhillipJohnMCPreeum, SkyFall515SurJamte, TomTesoro, and WizKid34 for making the mods we all enjoy.