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Sepolcri is a complete overhaul of all burial sites in Skyrim.

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All'ombra de' cipressi e dentro l'urne
confortate di pianto è forse il sonno
della morte men duro? Ove piú il Sole
per me alla terra non fecondi questa
bella d'erbe famiglia e d'animali,
e quando vaghe di lusinghe innanzi
a me non danzeran l'ore future,
né da te, dolce amico, udrò piú il verso
e la mesta armonia che lo governa,
né piú nel cor mi parlerà lo spirto
delle vergini Muse e dell'amore.....


Under the shadow of the cypress trees,
within the urns wetted by loving tears
can the slumber of death be less profound?
And when for me the sunlight can no longer
bless this beautiful family of plants
and animals, and when no future hours,
full of promises, dance in front of me,
nor I can hear, my dear friend, from your mouth
the sweetly sad harmony of your verses,
nor the spirit of love and of the virgin
Muses can resonate within my heart.....

Ugo Foscolo

Sepolcri is a complete overhaul of all burial sites in Skyrim.
It adds new gravestones models and textures, numerous details like urns, flowers, statues, cobwebs, candles and lighting to give each graveyard a more immersive, characteristic  and atmospheric look.
It also works as a replacer for all vanilla tombstones, so any mod that adds tombs will be able to take advantage of the new models and textures introduced by Sepolcri.

13 new gravestones models
2k and 4k textures for all assets used
many new atmospheric details that include funeral urns, objects belonging to the deceased, spider webs, statues, diurnal and nocturnal insects that can land on gravestones and objects, candles, lanterns and related lighting.

Download Sepolcri using your favourite mod manager, run Loot and stick with its load order.
If you need to run/rerun DynDOLOD, you must download the Sepolcri - DynDOLOD patch. Once the patch is downloaded, extract both the DynDOLOD_SSE_sepolcriesp.ini and DynDOLOD_SSE_sepolcriesp_high.ini files and copy them into the DynDOLOD \ Edit Scripts \ DynDOLOD \ rules folder.
Another simple but dirty option is to deactivate Sepolcri.esp when running DynDOLOD.

Sepolcri is compatible with everything. The following patches are already included in the "Optional Files" section:
JK's Skyrim All in One
Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) SE
Enhanced Solitude SSE
The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns SSE Edition
Cutting Room Floor
Cutting Room Floor - JK's Skyrim All in One

All patches are ESL flagged ESP

Fully compatible with Bring Out Your Dead

mathy79 for the pottery from Mathy's Repository 
elinen for all flowers and a tombstone from Hoddminir Plants and Trees and Hoddminir Runestones
mypilzzes for a tombstone from Unique Tombstone Models 
badgremlin for three tombstones from BadGremlins Halloween Resources 2013
LorSakyamuni for a trellis from The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
kojak747 for two texures from 
Enhanced Landscapes - Oaks Standalone SSE - Marsh Pines - Dilon Vul
Brumbek for a lantern from Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
kelretu for three tombstones from Kelretu's Modders Resources (WIP)

ra2phoenix for creating the Secolcri - JK's Skyrim - Falkreath - Cutting Room Floor patch

All Skyrim LE assets have been properly converted, optimized and improved to work correctly on Skyrim SE.
All textures are compressed in BC7 format.

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