About this mod

Adds a lot of new resource meshes converted from The Witcher games.

Permissions and credits

October 2022: I'm currently porting this pack to SSE with optimized assets and maybe new ones :)

Version 1.2


This pack includes a lot of new meshes for modders, converted from the games The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3. I'm not the creator of these models: I've just converted them and added proper lighting effects for them to work in Skyrim and sometimes created new maps to enhance them.

• They are meant to be added into the CK under Statics.
• They have proper normal maps with alpha.
• They have, if needed, environment maps, cube maps and transparency.
• They have proper collision blocks.
• They have proper material flags (right sound/effect when you hit them in-game).
• They may not be lore-friendly, but that's at your discretion ;)

Please note that the lighting effects are optimized for vanilla lights and may look differently depending on what ENB you're using.


• Working furniture (to add in Furniture section in the CK):
- SatinChair
(more to come)

• Folder textures\Oaristys\The Witcher\zzVariants: contains several recolours for some items. You can change the texture path of an item in Nifskope.
- Canvas
- SatinChair
(more to come)


1. Copy the meshes you want to add in your mod in Skyrim/Data/meshes, in the folder of your choice.

2. Copy the related textures (usually with the same name than the mesh) in Skyrim/Data/textures, keeping the same path (or change the path in Nifskope if you know what you're doing).

3. Open the Creation Kit and create/load your mod. Go in the Object window. If you want to make a Static, you have to go in the subfolder "Static". Right-click on the list and click New.

4. In the window which appears, there is a line named "Model" with an "Edit" button at the end. Click it. A new window named "Model Data" appears, with another "Edit" button. Just click it and then choose your mesh in the folder where you put it. Click "Open", then "OK".
Note: If there is an error message when you open a mesh (it shouldn't), please report it so that I can fix it!

5. Complete the window with the other data (ID, name) and click "OK".

6. Drag and drop your new object from the object window to the Render window. It should appear and you can now place it anywhere you want in your cell.

7. Save your mod. When you want to release it, you’ll have to release the resources too, keeping the same folder structure.


• The Witcher Converter 2.5
• Nifskope 2.0 b2
• 3ds Max 2016
• Niftools plugin for 3ds Max
• NifUtilits & ChunkMerge
• Photoshop CC
• CrazyBump


• CD Projekt for EVERYTHING. You're awesome, guys.
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

• JLouisB for his awesome tool The Witcher Converter and his support.


You are free to use these resources in your own mods without asking as long as:
- you give me and most importantly CD PROJEKT proper credits.
- you DON'T charge money for your mod. EVER. (not my call, it's CD Projekt condition)

Don't forget to endorse if you enjoy!
Please comment, all suggestions are greatly appreciated ;)