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About this mod

This mod gives Windhelm an appearance more suited to the region in which it is located, also fixes a significant amount of aesthetic inconsistencies.

Permissions and credits

The main purpose of this mod is to give Windhelm the proper look of a town located in a really cold area, it also fixes a significant amount of aesthetic inconsistencies such as the presence of snow where it should not be (under bridges for example) and all this without distorting its original appearance.

A note for the 2.0 version

This new release completely revolutionizes the entire mod both in terms of aesthetics and compatibility with the most used snow shader mods, also all the bugs present in the previous release have been 100% fixed and the practicability of all the streets of the city has been greatly improved.


Icy Windhelm is 100% compatible with all texture replacers, lighting interior and exterior overhauls and with AI mods like AI Overhaul SSE and Immersive Citizens. It should also be compatible with aesthetic overhauls like JK'S Skyrim but since I don't use any I can't be 100% sure, doing a test is quite easy.
100% Compatible with Better Dynamic Snow and Simplicity of Snow. If you are using Better Dynamic Snow 2.11 you should download the required patch from the download "Optional Files" section.
Not compatible with Snowy AF Windhelm and other mods that serve the same purpose.

Important Note:

Using Better Dynamic Snow 3 you could run into issues of incorrect snow coloring on some models, this depends both on the snow texture replacer you are using and on the wrong choice of the options included in the BDS 3 FOMOD. This new version of Icy Windhelm does not modify any records related to the various snow shaders nor does it add any standard snow texture.


Download and install it with your favorite mod manager.
Let Icy Windhelm overwrite everything in your load order.

Load order examples:

  • With Simplicity of Snow load order doesn't matter.
  • With Better Dynamic Snow 3 load order doesn't matter
  • With Better Dynamic Snow 2.11 just download the required patch and place it below both plugins

All screenshots were taken using 
Northfire Windhelm

Special thanks

JonnyWang13 and Megaloblast for the original concept.
XxLeafeater27xX for the JK's Skyrim patch.
Pfuscher for permission to use one of his mud textures.

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