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This mod corrects numerous graphic glitches around Tamriel worldspace, it also helps to relieve your obsessive-compulsive disorder ;)

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Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is a huge collection of fixes regarding graphic glitches, floating and other misplaced objects, holes in the landscape, improved navmeshes and more around Tamriel worldspace. It also removes a lot of duplicate objects including trees, which can increase FPS in several areas. Those accustomed to noticing details will certainly have found some of these annoying issues, from now on you can say goodbye to all these problems. Due to the nature of the errors corrected, Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is an excellent compendium for the USSEP patch.

Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes also makes crops and chicken eggs around Skyrim actually owned by their owners, so that taking them is considered a crime. A new dialogue is added to farmers (the ones that buy crops from you) to ask them if you can gather their crops. Once a farmer granted permission (done by making you friends), their crops can be collected legally without stealing. You can choose the "No Ownership Edits" option in the installer if you don't want this feature.

thank you all for your attention!


The images below show only some of the many issues that we have carefully fixed. 

Install the mod with your favourite mod manager, don't forget to select the patches you need.
Place Landscape and Water Fixes.esp right after Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp.
Make sure all the patches are placed after both SLaWF and the mods they're made for.

Let Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes meshes overwrite any conflicting meshes from SMIM, Enhanced texture detail (UV-tweaks) and ELFX Exteriors (in other words, the mods the SLaWF installer has patches for).
Let meshes from other WiZkiD mods and Majestic Mountains overwrite SLaWF.
Let meshes from any other mods overwrite SLaWF (you will loose the mesh fixes, though). Actually you can do the opposite if you prefer to have the fixed meshes from SLaWF and you don't need the mesh edits of the conflicting mod, but only if you're sure it won't cause issues with that mod.

Due to the nature of some fixes, Better Dynamic Snow 2.x users are advised to use Better Dynamic Snow Patcher xEdit.

Faction Stealing patch from powerofthree's Tweaks will break the crops harvesting permission dialogue (it won't actually give you permission) if enabled, so don't enable that patch in its config (leave it disabled, as it is by default). Though, you can enable it if you also use Favor Jobs Overhaul.

Although it is not strictly necessary, I highly suggest you download and install both Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods and Flickering Meshes Fixes whose NIFs are 100% compatible with those included in the Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes FOMOD.


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