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This mod fix some visual flickering problem in certain zones of Skyrim.

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This is a WIP project. The goal of this mod is to try to get around a problem due to a limitation of the game engine. The problem is that the game follows these rules about lights:
  • no more than 6 lights for each mesh
  • no more than 4 shadowcasting lights for each cell

Even though there are no possibility to fix the second point (unless someone want to make reverse enginneering), for the first one there is something that can be done: split the main BSTriShape in more little BSTriShape. So the light will be count on each BSTriShape instead just one.

an example: usually a single building hasjust 3-4 BSTriShape that continue for all 4 faces. Than mean if more of 4 lights reflect on the surface bulding, so the whole house start to flicker. If you can for example just split the BSTriShape in 1 part per each faces in order not to have continuity, you can have 4 light for each face (6*4=24 light total) so the problem is reduced a lot. Image doing it for more splits and you will have no more problem :-).

We are using this setup to have maxinum critical lights possible (they are not required, we used thats just for test, this meshes work with everything)

- Lantern of Skyrim II
- Enhanced Lights and FX
- Sepolcri
- ELFX Fixes (install this mod if you use also Enhanced Lights and FX because this fix a lot of flickering too)
- Tamriel Master Lights (LOSII version)

This is compatible with almost everything and based on all fixed mesh existing,as Assorted Mesh Fixes, Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes, Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes, Solitude Mesh Fixes and so on. Look on Credits to know what I used. Let this overwrite them when required, and also let is overwrite Cities meshes if they are base on vanilla meshes (99% of the cities mod use vanilla meshes). Parallax meshes are supported too.

Two kind of mesh are provided with this mod: with or without parallax flag activated. You need to have parallax texture if you want see that effect. These are just meshes, so you won't have any esp.

wSkeever for Assorted Mesh Fixes
Dlizzio for  Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes
wizkid34 and lilebonymace for Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
MrNeverLost for Solitude Mesh Fixes

ShatterRock for
Mesh Patch for Various Mods
skyfall515 for Blue Palace Roof Mesh Fix
anamorfus for ELFX
mindfIux for Water for ENB