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Modified lighting of locations from Moon and Star with exterior support for Lanterns of Skyrim II. Optional file adds Dragonborn DLC contents to Moon and Star

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Better Lighting for Moon and Star
with Lanterns of Skyrim II Patch

This mod modifies the lighting of Little Vivec, the village introduced by Moon and Star to be similar to the lighting style of modern lighting overhauls such as ELFX and Windows Shadows. Each cell is redesigned so there are fewer shared light bulbs and stronger shadow-casting lights where appropriate.
I also fixed the bug where Dunmer banners wouldn't get lit up properly due to the backside of the mesh being unable to receive light. Lastly, I added some light to the exterior where appropriate such as the Dunmer hunter's campfire that didn't cast light and added a few lanterns.

There are 5 versions of this mod:
  • Interior: Modified interiors only.
  • Exterior: Modified exterior only.
  • Exterior with Lanterns: Modified exterior with added lanterns from Lanterns of Skyrim II.
  • Interior and Exterior: Modified interiors and exterior.
  • Interior and Exterior with Lanterns: Modified interiors and exterior with added lanterns from Lanterns of Skyrim II.
A version of this mod for Lux is included in Lux's installer.

Optional file:

Dragonborn DLC Integration (I'm too lazy to make a new modpage)
The optional file integrates Dragonborn DLC contents into Moon and Star. Little Vivec NPCs now wear Dunmer clothes and Morag Tongs now wear the guild's gears. A small statue of Azura in the hunter's shack is now replaced with a working Shrine of Azura. 

  • Moon and Star
  • Lantern of Skyrim II (for Lantern version)
ELFX or any lighting mod is not technically required but is highly recommended. The screenshots are taken with ELFX with Enhancer and Picturesque ENB.

GanXingba for Moon and Star
wizkid34 for Lanterns Of Skyrim II
anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX