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An ultra-lightweight mod that simply recolors and enhances vanilla lighting.

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The Cathedral Concept is a comprehensive visual overhaul that comes at almost no performance cost while maintaining high compatibility. Luminosity was the first mod built for this project.  


This mod essentially recolors the vanilla lighting with an ELFX inspired palette while preserving the vanilla signposting (lighting strategy). Luminosity is meant for gameplay and immersion. Light bounces off the environment to fill space, so don't expect pitch black dungeons. This mod preserves the vanilla light sign posting which is meant to help guide you through interiors and dramatize the scene by putting special emphasis on the creators art. Furthermore, it is all built on a single set of imagespace settings (ie contrast, brightness, saturation), making it an ideal interior lighting mod for ENB creation as it offers phenomenal consistency. If you also use Cathedral Weathers, there is a power to adjust interior brightness to your liking.

  • Versions 1, 2, and 3 do not move or add new bulbs, which makes these versions ultralight and highly compatible.
  • Recommended to overwrite Relighting Skyrim for its bulbs. 
  • Recommended to use Cathedral Wealthers to customize interior brightness levels.


This mod solely overwrites vanilla records; Cell, Light, Lighting Template, (Interior) Weather. For this reason, it's technically compatible with any mod that is compatible with Skyrim. However, in order for you to appreciate the changes that this mod makes, it should be loaded after all other mods, unless the mod in question specifically says to load after lighting mods. For example, mods that modify specific lighting, such as torch, magelight, or spell illumination should be loaded after. 

Sample Load Order:
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
-Other Mods, such as Cathedral Weathers.esp
-Relighting Skyrim.esp
-Luminosity - Lightweight Lighting.esp

1. You cannot overwrite mods that add bulbs with mods that add more bulbs because then you'll have an insane amount of bulbs and tons of flickering.
2. You can overwrite mods that add bulbs with mods that edit lighting colors.
3. You can overwrite mods that edit lighting colors with mods that only edit indirect lighting (for example, if you wanted to use a darker ambient lighting mod)

Luminosity: edits lighting colors
RS: adds bulbs, edits lighting colors
ELE: edits lighting colors
ELFX: adds bulbs, edits lighting colors, changes tons of objects to help reduce flickering created by excessive bulb placement
NAT: edits lighting colors
All other weather mods: edits weathers and will not conflict with interior lighting mods


Mator: For zedit and his help with automation

Zilav: For xedit and his help with hue/saturation/luminosity adjustments

AshenCold and CFS111: For their help with automation

JawZ and Anamorfus: For their works which inspired me

You are free to use the assets of this mod so long as you provide your mod with the same permissions.