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Lanterns of Falskaar is an addon mod for Falskaar, using Lanterns Of Skyrim II, illumiinating all roads, settlements, and generally all map locations.
Makes also some minor bugfixes to object positions and light flickering in some cells.

Permissions and credits
Lanterns of Falskaar

Falskaar is an incredible mod with an outstandig quality. But it lacked illumination outdoors and with darker nights it was hard to play it at night.
So I decided to make a full addon that brings the lanterns of LOS II to Falskaar. It includes a full lantern system for all roads and lighting in all locations with map markers. All settlements, map locations, and some points of interest got new lights. Added lights to campfires, melters, and fire pits.

I won't remove lights if there is no bug like flickering or clipping. But I could add lights where I forgot it. And you can report interior light flickering, or wrong object placements.

I'm using a light Reshade and Darker Nights for Vivid Weathers in my screenshots and videos. Interior screenshots use my addon for interiors.

If you don't like the color or strength(fade) of lights with the prefix mannyLightFalskaar, you can adjust it yourself. I didn't change this value in the references. Can be installed or uninstalled at any time.

Don't forget to give an endorsement for Falskaar and Lanterns of Skyrim II.

Main Features

All cities and settlements have lights.
Every major road has street lights.
Some minor roads have light sources like cave lamps and draugr fire pits.
Lights added to campfires, melting and smithing stations.
Lights added to cave entrances, some received glowing mushrooms as light source.
Some blueish effect lights added for statues and some waterfalls.
Fixed light flickering in some interior cells(Bailun Monastary, and others).
Most street lights are disabled at daytime.
Fixed  object placement in some cells.
Contains no quest, no new script and no navmesh changes.
Mod doesn't need cleaning. Every changed record from Falskaar has a purpose.
File is an ESP flagged as ESL. An optional file in ESP format you can find in the data_optional folder.

Interior Lighting Addon

Take it or leave it, it's a copy of my personal lighting mod for Skyrim as an ESL flagged esp. It makes ice frostier, inns warmer, dark places darker, and caves and ruins more epic. Gives every interior cell more contrast. No lights changed, just added imagespaces and lighting templates to all interior cells.
May or may not combine with your personal ENB or mod that changes lights.
Can be uninstalled at any time. Only requirement is Falskaar.esm, needs to be installed after all Falskaar addons and my main mod.

Known issues

I did everything to not add new flickering but some may occure in rare cases, especially if you and your followers use torches or magic lights.
I didn't change any navmesh. I tried to place new objects outside pathes but it may occure in rare cases that some NPC crash with new objects.
Sometimes I could see a lantern on the ground. Should normally be gone after the next start of the game.
Some cells need a translation for use with other languages.


Lanterns Of Skyrim II


The main file is an ESP with an ESL flag.
The file Lanterns Of Falskaar.esp found in the folder data_optional is in ESP format if you have any problem.
Copy the contents of this data folder to your data folder. Can be installed at any time.
Needs to be installed after Falskaar, Lanterns Of Skyrim II, an all addons for them.
The lighting addon has to be installed after my main mod.


Remove Lanterns Of Falskaar.esp. It's safe to uninstall(or overwrite it with a new version) at at any time.


Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky                        
Lanterns of Skyrim II by wizkid34 (with his explicit permission)

No used ressource is mine, all rights by AlexanderJVelicky and wizkid34.
I just added the lanterns from Lanterns of Skyrim II as object references to my patch for Falskaar.
Please do not complain and don't ask for suppport about lanterns and exterior lighting in Falskaar with any of the two authors.