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Changes all the static firewood piles to containers.

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WiZkiD Lootable FireWood Piles changes all the static firewood piles to containers even the ones added by other mods. The Base Object Swapper version doesn't need anything apart from the aforementioned BOS mod, while the SSEEdit Script one comes with an easy to use script that must be launched via SSEEdit. Read the "Installation" section below to learn how to use/install both versions.
This mod is really useful especially for those who use survival mods like Campfire + Frostfall or SunHelm.

100% Compatible with everything!

Base Object Swapper version

1) Download and install the main file "WiZkiD Lootable FireWood Pile (BOS)" with your preferred mod manager and you are ready to go.

SSE Edit script version

1) Download and install the file "WiZkiD Lootable FireWood Pile SSEEdit Script version" with your preferred mod manager,
it contains the main plugin.

Note: the load order of the main ESP does not matter.

2) Manually download the other file "WiZkiD Lootable FireWood Piles SSEEdit Script", unzip its content inside the Edit Scripts folder of SSEdit main installation folder. Run SSEEdit, make sure you load every mod. When all the plugins have been loaded, click with the mouse right button in the left column of the SSEEdit interface where all the plugins are visible, select the "Apply Script" option and choose the "WiZkiD FireWood Piles" script.
At this point you will be asked to choose a name, give it the one you prefer and then click "ok".
After a few seconds your personalized patch will be ready. Close SSEEdit and save the newly created file. Run LOOT and stick to the load order generated by it.

Note: the so created pacth will be an ESL flagged ESP.

A very special thanks to Sandman53 for the development of the script used in this mod and for teaching me something new about the SSEEdit scripting language.
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit.
powerofthree for Base Object Swapper

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