Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Consistent and complete rework of Skyrim interiors lighting. This mod takes advantage of the latest developments in enb, including enb light, and has for main objective to offer a gaming experience as realistic as it is dramatic.

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IMPORTANT: For now my mods, including Lux and Orbis, will rely on resources I'm using in Lux Via, so if you're not a Lux Via user, you have to download the resource pack in the main section of Lux Via mod page. If not you'll get the Lux - resources.esp missing master warning or even will crash. It does not mean one has to use Via, the resource pack is only adding new assets, nothing else. : )

Lux main goal is to improve interior spaces lighting consistency, especially for ENB users. I've reworked vanilla features and assets from scratch, rebuilt lights and carefully placed them by hand. Lux is not about fancy features or placement tweaks but a complete rework of vanilla game and mods lighting.
Consistency has always been a priority, I've always found consistency more important than actual realism, thus I prefer to focus on a cinematic lighting approach more than a purely realistic one especially since Skyrim engine is limiting a lot what can be done through lighting only.
As a general rule, if there's a light source, then there's light. Expect darker environments where there's no light.

If you like my mods and want to support me, feel free to visit my Patreon. Even if you're not donating you can still download my next project beta for free and try it out before it's even released. Supporting existing mods and working on new ones as well is really time consuming so any kind of support is highly appreciated.


- Lighting and visual FX rework of interior cells, including some exterior worldspace cells that made sense, mostly dungeons.

- Rework light bulbs from scratch, new lighting templates, new placements, new image spaces and lighting templates as neutral as possible Most fake lights have been removed so only light bulbs create light, not fake lighting. As a result stealth may be easier in completely dark environments. Breaking news, it's easier to hide in complete darkness.

- Shadow casting lights are limited so i've tried to make them as useful as possible. I've focused on natural light sources from pits, windows, occuli or chimneys. I'm also relying on lightswitch scripts on many patches to bypass the 4 shadowcasting lights limit, you can thank Bethesda for the 10 years old script and Drengin who told me about it since he was already using it in his awesome Blue Terrace Palace.

- Many vanilla lighting bugs or consistency issues have been fixed or even improved. Wrong references, dwemer lights off while still casting light, wrong quest or event parents etc.

- Main objective was to bring as much consistency as possible, while trying to avoid overbright spaces (quite painful for ENB users) and way too dark spaces (personal choice here, seeing NPCs living or working in completely dark environments wasn't even an option). I've also tried to make light not leaking through walls and floors as much as possible (and Creation Engine never helped with that).

- Limited use of visual fx. I've removed most unnecessary vanilla fake glows cause they were looking really bad to start with and let bloom handle all kind of hue and halo. Ambient beams and fogs have been edited to be way dimmer, interiors won't be as smokey as before, just slightly dusty.

- Some clutters may have been changed to improve some locations atmosphere, to help making lightning more dramatic or consistent. Dwemer content now has new kind of lighting, some places are even completely different than its vanilla counterpart.

- Natural light can change depending on climate or atmosphere. Night/Day cycle was definitely a priority too. Most natural light sources come from one side (South when possible). Bounce lighting was also a priority when possible and most bulb placements are simulating light travel more than bulbs juxtaposed individual lighting.

All vanilla game, including DLCs and most Creation Club contents have been reworked and improved.

I'm also including hundreds of patches in my FOMOD that are basically reworking from scratch Nexus mods lighting as well. If you're looking for improved modded content, you're at the right place cause I did my best to improve a lot of really awesome mods that were really deserving it. Of course the whole Nexus isn't "patched" cause I'm only human, and Skyrim Nexus is really huge but I tried to rework the highest quality mods available, and the most popular ones too.

FOMOD is including improved and optimized meshes to help with lighting, fixed ice rock meshes (for vanilla ice and multi-layer parallax ice), improved FX and a no grass in cave personal patch you should use over the Nexus one cause mine is fully compatible with Lux to start with.

I'm also adding optional brighter lighting templates for non ENB users if one is looking for more fake lights, brighter unlit environments.

List of patches (thanks to AgentW for making it), expect more patches cause the list is a bit outdated but still informative:

Easy peasy, especially if you're using MO2. Just run the FOMOD, choose to right meshes and optional files, everything else is automatically detected.

Think about checking the update section of the mod though cause updated and fixed plugins or meshes are usually dropped there. You don't want to miss them.

Not compatible at all with the Minimap mod, for obscure reasons using both will cause crashes in some interior cells.
Not compatible with any lighting mod or mods that add lights in vanilla cells.
Lux already includes ENB changes such as sky and weathers cells parameters.
Sounds and music mods should need a compatibility patch.
Skyrim Project Optimization will conflict and most certainly cause crashes in a few cells where I'm adding occlusion already (mostly JK's patches since many small vanilla cells don't have any occlusion to start with). This conflicts can be solved easily though, one just needs to delete all cell edits from SPO in this specific locations (Winking Skeever, Bee and Barb, Haelga's bunkhouse, Winterhold College dwelling halls and Candlehearth inn).

Here's a list of all cells adding new occlusion roombounds and potentially conflicting (credits to YuFeng)

All of the Chandelier options in the fomod have built in compatibility for Smoking Torches and Candles too.

Mods that do patch ELFX meshes should overwrite Lux such as:
Mesh Patch for Various Mods
Better Dynamic Snow SE
Dwemer Pipework Reworked

AgentW - Nipples
Bethesda, obviously.
Boris Vorontsov for his mandatory ENBseries.
ra2phoenix, InstantKor for their incredible help with patches and mesh improvements.
Anamorfus for his incredible work on ELFX
Lupus78, for his cozy Breezehome by Lupus, a nice place to live in.
Jkrojmal for his awesome cities and merchants/inns overhaul i'm definitely playing with.
Arthmoor for helping Bethesda to finalize Skyrim with the quite mandatory Cutting room floor
Elianora for her incredible talent with creating cozy and imaginative interior spaces.
Rudy for his unbeatable ENB when it comes to interior spaces. All screenshots have been made with it.
SomethingObscure for his excellent Obscure College of Winterhold.
Tonycubed2 for his Sounds of Skyrim mod, a massive audio overhaul.
GoatK (and FashionSoulsReModded for the port) for his so cozy Honeyside TNF and his TNF remodel houses.
Icecreamassassin and his whole team for his massive Legacy of the Dragonborn.
Soldierofwar for his massive city and minor holds overhauls, The Great Cities, minor cities and towns, and Great Villages.
JPSteel2 for his three Cities of the North overhauls (Dawnstar/Morthal/Winterhold)
Sokkvabekk for Distinct Interiors, making many interiors more distinct and recognizable.
COOLEOJ for his impressive revisited dungeons overhauls.
RedBag for his excellent Solitude and Morthal overhauls.
Drengin for his awesome Blue Palace Terrace overhaul and his precious help.
Soldierofwar (again) for the Great city of Solitude, this city is massive now.
AlistairRodryk for Rodryk's Dragon Bridge overhaul mod.
DeserterX for his incredible outfits.
gochargers2156 for Skyrim Remastered - Caves meshesGamwich for RUGNAROK and PELTAPALOOZA
Brumbek for SMIM
raiserfx for Ruins Clutter Improved
SDlutz for SD's Horn Candles
Kelretu for the awesome Alchemist's Laboratory
SlimeSire for the creepy Zulfardin
Harshymarsh and 1fromvault22 for the cozy Myrheimr
Leptonaz for the nordic jewel Wuth Rein
ak0d for the so orcish Dol Khazun
MellowTraumatic for the great Bal Ruhn
gonkish for the so gothic Unique Vampire Dens
Lesi123 for the adventurer lifesaving Hidden Hideouts
Okiir and Travlaney for the woodman Hunters Cabin
SiweX92 for his so valuable Hearthfire improved assets from Hearthfire Light - Reshaped.
Stepmodifications for Better dynamic snow
Gutmaw for his incredible help with mesh optimization
Mandragorasprouts for her awesome statues I'm adding in some relevant patches. Peryite statue in the Gif above is one of those, added in one of SlimSire's awesome mods. Nexus is definitely full of talented people.