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Skyrim Immersive Details is a mod that aims to increase the level of immersion by adding some new and old interesting features all together in a single ESP.

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Skyrim Immersive Details represents an attemp to increase player in-game immersion by adding small but interesting gameplay features. Some of them have already been introduced by other mods but in a way I consider not fully functional
or well implemented. This mod tries to cover some details that I hope will be useful to increase
the feeling of being part of a real world!

1) No more "Empty" text or "diamond symbol" displayed on empty containers.

2) No "Level of difficulty" displayed on lock pick actions.

3) Drinking every kind of wine/liquor returns the related empty bottle.

4) A large quantity of items have now a more descriptive names and values based on the material and manifacture quality.

5) Golds are now Septims. This change is also properly displayed on the game interface.

6) Added a slight weight to Semptims/Gold.

7) Cooking pot added to various inns. 

NEW ---> 8) Torches have radius and brightness increased. ( 100% compatible with ELFX )

NEW ---> 9) Optional backpacks/knapsacks add-ons for Campfire, Hunting in Skyrim and Wet and Cold users.

The first two features are self explanatory, the "empty" text and the diamond symbol under containers never opened or seen before and the displaying of the lock pick action difficulty level, all these things completely destroy immersion, so sweeping them away from the game was the first wise thing to do :)

Another characteristic that I always found poorly immersive  is the "evaporation into nothing" of the drunk bottles. Now every kind of beverge return the appropriate empty bottle, this feature integrates perfectly with
Reality Alchemy - Potion needs his flask. Thanks to the integration patch included in the Skyrim Immersive Details FOMOD installer it's possible to use the smelter to obtain glass from empty bottles, the glass so obtained can be used to create the "sterilyzed flasks" added by  Reality Alchemy - Potion needs his flask. The "return empty bottle feature" is also 100% compatible with all the beverage modified by iNeed - Food Water and Sleep extended plugin, the patch is included in the FOMOD installer.

I created
Skyrim Immersive Details with Better Descriptions SSE in mind. The two mods are perfectly integrated with each other, all the objects with a more descriptive name and realistic values are the ones not included/touched by Better Descriptions SSE.

Golds are now Spetims and have a little weight, the FOMOD installer includes a "Weightless Septims/Gold" version for those who are not interested in this feature. The changed name from gold to septims is perfectly integrated in the interface also, so you will read "septims"  in the "STATISTICS" section too.

 An Inn without a cooking pot is like a blacksmith without and anvil, so I've added cooking station in inns that don't have one. This also mitigate a bit the annoying shadow glitch visible in the ground near the cooking fire in some inns when Enhanced Lights and FX is used.

Torches are a bit brigther and have an increased radius, honestly the vanilla torches are pretty useless on the outside but not anymore! The feature is fully compatible with Enhanced Lights and FX

Carrying a backpack or knapsack from mods like Campfire, Hunting in Skyrim and Wet and Cold decreases running, acceleration speed and stamina regen a bit. These penalties are directly related to the "carry weight" bonus given by the backpack/knapsack, the greater the "carry weight", the greater are the penalties.

Dowload it and install with your favourite mod manager, run Loot and stick with its load order. Skyrim Immersive Details comes with an easy to use FOMOD installer that recognize already installed plugins.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't change beverages and inns interiors.
Incompatible with Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul but I'm actually working on a couple of patches for CACO and CACO + iNeed users. I tested Skyrim Immersive Details with many mods but feel free to ask questions about compatibility end/or patches in the comment section. Version v1.2 of Skyrim Immersive Details is fully compatible with SKYHUD, no more "empty diamond symbol" even with this wonderful addon installed.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch, Enhanced Lights and FX, Obsidian Weathers and Seasons,
Lightning During Storm (Minty Lightning),True Storm SE,  Reality Alchemy - Potion needs his flask - Drink it, 
Campfire (Complete campinmg system), Frostfall, Hunting in Skyrim, Morrowloot Ultimate,
Apocalypse (Magic of Skyrim), Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Sky-Test Realistic Animals and Predators,
Static Mesh Improvement Mod, Realistic Aspen Trees, Lightweight Grass Overhaul, iNeed Water Food and Sleep,
Darker Nights for Obsidian Weathers, Blowing in the Wind, Trees in Cities, Waterplants, Realistic Water Two, Landscapes Fixes for Grass Mod, Audio Overhaul for Skyrim, Immersive Sound Compendium, Enhanced Blood Textures, Indistinguishable Vanilla Trees, all Mods from Arthmoor, Nordic Snow, Footprints, Realistic Ragdoll and Force, Summermyst - Enchantment of Skyrim, Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim, Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons,
KS Dragon Overhaul 2, AI Overhaul SSE, Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul, Lethal Traps, TK Hitstop SE,
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim, Wonders of Weather, Dead NPC Body Cleaneer Remover, Crafting Requires Tools Redone, Lootable Woodpiles, Cloak and Capes, High Level Enemies,  Skyrim Unbound, Better Descriptions SSE,
Even Better Quest Objectives, The Choice is Yours, Populated Dungeons Caves anbd Ruins Legendary,
all mods from Rogueshot, Zim's Immersive Artifacts, Hammet's Dungeon Pack,
Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement, Consistent Older People, Better Dynamic Snow, Skyrim 3D Rocks,
Skyrim3D Stonewalls, Blended Roads, Know Your Enemy, Wet and Cold, Immersive Movement, The Forgotten City,
Paper World Map, Imperious - Races of Skyrim, Better Spell Learning, Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley.

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