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Corrects the lighting throughout Skyrim through proper light placement and characteristic adjustments. Aspires to keep the intended vanilla look and feel, while making light emanate from light sources.

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Relighting Skyrim SE

Skyrim LE Version | Xbox One Version

Relighting Skyrim (RS) corrects the lighting throughout Skyrim. Lights are placed at their sources so gone are the days of light sources without lights, light emitting from the center of two sources, light that is magically emitted from the middle of the room, lights that don't illuminate the landscape, etc.! Beyond correcting placements, RS corrects light characteristics such as brightness, emittance, radius, etc.

In addition to lights, emittance on effects such as beams, fogs, glows, mists, etc. have been adjusted to emit light from the light sources they are placed around. All these effects around natural light sources, as well as, interior windows are adjusted to emit with the region's weather. This causes these effects and windows to change their color tint based on time-of-day and exterior weather conditions.

In all of this, Relighting Skyrim aspires to keep the vanilla look and feel.

  • Proper placement of lightbulbs at their light sources
  • Many more shadow casting lightbulbs vs vanilla to create the best ambience possible
  • Natural, dynamic lighting that changes with the time of day and weather conditions
  • Fixes lightbulbs not casting light on to the landscape in exteriors
  • Retains the vanilla visual style and performance
  • No scripts, just vanilla lighting done right!

Keep in mind many interiors are pushed up to the edge of the light limit. These are interiors where players shouldn't logically use spells or torches to see around (homes, inns, longhouses, shops, etc). Therefore, players are cautioned that using spells or torches in these types of interiors may cause light flicker. Caves, dungeons, mines, etc., where the player may use a torch, will typically allow only one (1) torch to be present before light flicker may occur.

Bug Reports with any of these alternative versions will NOT be addressed. They are simply provided for user convenience.

Non-USSEP Versions
This is a version that doesn't require USSEP. Users should be aware this version simply strips out any USEEP references. As such, there may be some occasional oddities such as lights not positioned quite right, missing lights, or even disconnected lights from their sources. Such occurrences shouldn't be common. Where they may exist is due to not having the USSEP position edits for all the light sources (candlehorns, stands, etc.), or because the USSEP adds lights that RS accounts for which will be missing.

Exterior / Interior Versions
These version are available due to popular requests. They include either exterior or interior only locations, respectively. These are full versions of the mod. No need to install the Main File.

Window Shadows Version
This version fully incorporates Window Shadows v7.7.5 and is a full, replacement version of Relighting Skyrim, therefore, there is no need to install the Main File with this version. There is also no need to install the Windows Shadows mod since this includes the interiors from v7.7.5 of that mod. This version is designed around the use of ENB Complex Particle Lights from ENBSeries. The following interiors have been revisited and reworked to integrate RS and WS:
  • Angas Mill
  • Angarvunde
  • Battleborn Farm
  • Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Helgen's Keep
  • High Hrothgar
  • Honningbrew Meadery
  • Ivarstead
  • Pelagia Farm
  • Riverwood
  • Whiterun (minus Jorrvaskr)


Not Compatible
Relighting Skyrim is designed to be used with vanilla interiors. As such, mods that make light place adjustments and many interior overhaul mods are incompatible with RS. Combining these mods with RS without a proper patch will likely cause light flickering, incorrect light placements, or a number of other unusual issues. However, they can be made compatible by following the steps to remove the conflicting Cells from the RS plugin (instructions below).

Relighting Skyrim is compatible with other lighting mods that solely provide or provide in combination changes to the following records that are commonly found in these mods. Since RS doesn't include any of these types of changes, these mods can be loaded anywhere in the load order in regards to RS.
  • Image Space
  • Light
  • Lighting Template
  • Weather

Some of these popular mods include, but are not limited to:

How to remove interiors or exteriors
Though we have provided both an interiors-only and an exterior-only version of the mod, users may still need to know how to remove these or single interiors from Relighting Skyrim to make RS compatible with their mod lists. This is completed using xEdit and is very simple to do:

  • First, install one of the Full Versions of RS from the FOMOD
  • Launch xEdit (Most users will need to do this by way of their mod manager.)
  • Double-click on the Relighting Skyrim on the Module Selection window (users can search for the plugin using the "Filter" box at the top)
  • Load any Mod Groups it asks about and wait for the "Background Loader: finished" message
  • In the left pane, click the + to expand the RelightingSkryim_SSE.esp tree

- - - - - To remove ALL interiors
  • Right-click on Cells
  • Click Remove and Yes to any prompts

- - - - - To remove ONE interior
  • Expand Cells
  • Expand the necessary blocks and sub-blocks to find the named interiors that need to be removed
  • Right-click on the individual Cell
  • Click Remove and Yes to any prompts

- - - - - To remove all exterior edits
  •  Right-click on Worldspace
  • Click Remove and Yes to any prompts
Now close xEdit, being sure to save the plugin.



Let LOOT decide the load order. Keep in mind to place any patches after Relighting Skyrim's plugin.


Install Relighting Skyrim with a mod manger of choice. The Main File is provided as a FOMOD installer to ease installation, and the archive's file format is BAIN. RS can be install or uninstalled at any time during a playthrough.

To remove Relighting Skyrim,
  • Create a new save anywhere in an exterior location (it's best to use a location without any lights in the loaded cells)
  • Close the game
  • Use the mod manger choice to deactivate or remove RS from the mod list


A word from the original authors:
Throughout this game I was bothered by the it the fires in Dragonsreach, outside High Hrothgar, or many other places. Issues such as lights sources without lights, places where light emits from the center of two fires rather than from each one, light that just magically emitted from the middle of the room, or lights that don't illuminate the landscape. This mod aims to fix all that and more, however, some of these issues still remain (there are engine limitations). All lights come straight from a light source and all light sources produce light.

Originally I was just going to make this fix for myself but the more work I put into it I thought "hey, maybe others would like a fix for these things as well."  After 50,000 subscriptions on Steam, 10,000+ endorsements here (wow), getting to the point where I feel actually covering all of Skyrim is within reach, and my collaboration with JawZ I can assure you that this has gone far beyond anything I expected!

Thanks to all those who support our efforts and continue to expect the best :)