As someone who typically plays Skyrim with 600+ mods installed, it's extremely important to me that OCW not only plays well with other mods, but is enhanced by the other mods in your load order.  To that end I've created many patches which both add new content and contain tweaks which ensure the player's experience is at its best.  

   ▪  The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

The following mods are not required, but are highly recommended to get the most out of OCW. 
   ▪  Immersive College NPCs - OCW was conceptualized from day one to be used along side ICNs.
   ▪  Cutting Room Floor - Likewise, OCW contains content which is intended to pair with CRF.
   ▪  Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks - A collection of tweaks to the College of Winterhold questline.
   ▪  Finding Velehk Sain with the Missing Apprentices Quest Fix - Originally part of OCW, but made stand alone due to its dependencies and tangential nature.
   ▪  Armor and Clothing Extension for WACCF (featured in screenshots) - These two mods will dramatically improve the look of the college robes and NPC outfits.
   ▪  Not so Fast - Mages Guild - This mod will allow you to spend time as an Apprentice in the college without immediately rushing you into the College's questline.
   ▪  Magic College Music - Songs for Academy - Adds new music to your stay at the college.
   ▪  A re-texture mod, such as College of Winterhold HD (featured in screenshots) HQ College of Winterhold, or Chantry College of Winterhold
   ▪  Better Dynamic Snow with Fluffy Snow.
   ▪  Mannequins Stay Put - This will help ensure that the mannequin added to the Arch-Mage's quarters stays in place.
Please also consider every mod under the "Integration Patches" section and "Mods Featured in Screenshots" (on the main page) as recommend!

Unless otherwise noted, all patches are included in the installer, which should detect if the patch is needed or not.  Patches come in three flavors: Integration, which adds new content, Compatibility, which makes changes to either OCW or the other mod so that the two work better together, or Conflict Resolution, which only handles data conflicts and should be invisible to the user once patched.

(‡) A mod I use myself
(§) Featured in screenshots
(⸮) Patch's effects may vary depending on the contents of your save game
(¶) Contains vanilla NPC edits, thus may not be compatible with other (¶) patches

Integration Patches
   ▪  Blacksmith Forge Water Fix (‡ §) - Implements the Forge Water Fix to the new forge in the Midden
   ▪  Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library (‡ §) -  Adds many of Lost Library's books to OCW's new and updated areas
   ▪  Enhanced Lights and FX (‡ §) - Tweaks the lighting in all areas to best adapt ELFX's vision with OCW's changes and additions
   ▪  Immersive College NPCs (‡ §) - Allows the NPCs to use their new bedrooms and college facilities, as well as take part in certain scripted scenes
   ▪  Immersive Laundry (‡ §) - Moves all of the clothes lines to The College's roof, and adds a few more
   ▪  iNeed - Food Water and Sleep (‡) - Adds several water kegs to the meal areas of The College, and the Arch-Mage's Quarters
   ▪  Magic College Music - Songs for Academy (‡) - Adds the new music to the new areas
   ▪  Sounds of Skyrim Complete (‡) - Adds SoS's acoustic settings and unique sound effects to all new and modified content
   ▪  Better Dynamic Snow (‡ §) - Applies the BDS shader to all edited and new exterior models

Compatibility & Conflict Resolution Patches
   ▪  Aemer's Refuge
 Atlas Map Markers (⸮) - (Port by Slaterman) Eliminates redundant map markers and adds AMM style Map Markers based on OCW additions
   ▪  Atlas Map Markers SE (⸮) - (Port by kryptopyr) Eliminates redundant map markers and adds AMM style Map Markers based on OCW additions
   ▪  BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle Project (‡ ¶)
   ▪  College Modifications (⸮) - Maintains this mod's changes to the Arch-Mage's doors.
   ▪  Enhanced Lighting for ENB
   ▪  The Great City of Winterhold 3.01 (‡) and The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns 1.02 - Ensures navmesh compatibility (featured in screenshots)
   ▪  Improved College Entry (⸮) - Maintains this mod's changes to the Arch-Mage's doors.
   ▪  Lootable Wood Piles (‡)
   ▪  Luminosity Lighting Overhaul
   ▪  Map Markers Complete (‡ ⸮) - Eliminates redundant map markers
   ▪  The Midden - Expanded (Lite) - Re-opens the secret passage
   ▪  M'rissi's Tails of Trouble - Removes all edits to Orthorn's room
Morrowloot Ultimate (‡) - Tweaks the positions of some robes
   ▪  Opulent Outfits (for both AIO and Replacer versions) (¶)
   ▪  Relighting Skyrim (⸮) - Removes redundant lights added by both mods
   ▪  Rigmor of Bruma
   ▪  Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Modifies the scale, position, and quantity of many trees and plants to make the new models work better with my changes
   ▪  Skyrim Project Optimization (‡) - Removes some occlusion planes, which caused rendering problems with some of OCW's custom meshes.
   ▪  Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Adjusts the positions of furniture and paintings, as well as some navmesh tweaks
   ▪  Special Edition Followers (¶)
   ▪  Spell Crafting for Skyrim (⸮) - Done on request for this user-ported Skyrim LE mod. Untested.
   ▪  Spell Research (⸮) - Cleans up the player's desk - Patch will work OK on a saved game, but even better if the Hall of Attainment has yet to be loaded
   ▪  Taloring Workbench
Viewable Faction Ranks (‡) - Edited the English language file to use the college rank titles from OCW's door signs so the menu matches what's in-game
   ▪  Winterhold College Hideout - Clears the clutter in the Hall of Attainment which blocks the back entrance to the hideout
   ▪  Winterhold Restored 2.0 - Merges the distant LOD of OCW and Winterhold Restored 2 - Patch by Mannenyuki using DynDOLOD
   ▪  Patches to avoid the infamous FaceGeoms (a.k.a. black face) issue: (¶)
○ Botox for Skyrim
○ Bijin (All Versions)
○ Consistent Older People (‡)

○ Distinct People

○ Diversity
○ Fresh Faces
○ GMO - Apachii Hair Overhaul (original and complete)

○ Inhabitants of Skyrim (both Style 1 and 2)
○ KS Hairdos Lite
○ Male NPC Overhaul
○ The Men of Winter
○ Metalsaber's Beautiful Mages of Skyrim
○ The Ordinary Women
○ Pandorable's NPCs
○ Realistic Faces
○ Shiva'a Beautification of Unique NPCs


○ Women's Faces

   In all cases above, the patch above maintains the NPC's look provided by the NPC Face mod, keeping only OCW's changes to schedule and inventory.
   A special patch called Obscure's Faces of Winterhold is included in the installer to allow you to keep OCW's custom faces without conflict.
   Please be advised that patches which modify the same NPCs will not be compatible with one another.

OCW is compatible with the following mods without patches
   ▪  Alternate Start - Live Another Life
   ▪  Better College Application (‡)
   ▪  Better Spell Learning - Tested in editor / SSEEdit / Looking at source code
   ▪  College Days - Briefly tested
   ▪  College of Winterhold HD  (‡ §)
   ▪  College of Winterhold Shop Fixes - No conflicts with OCW, but does conflict with the USSEP, and WACCF/ACE.
   ▪  Cutting Room Floor (‡)
   ▪  Chantry College of Winterhold
   ▪  Enlightened College of Winterhold
   ▪  Erudite - Study Magic - Tested in SSEEdit 
   ▪  Finding Velehk Sain (‡)
   ▪  HQ College of Winterhold
   ▪  Immersive Citizens (‡)
   ▪  JK's Skyrim - Tested in editor
   ▪  Konahrik's Accoutrements - Tested in editor
   ▪  Legacy of the Dragonborn - Tested in editor
   ▪  The Missing Apprentices Quest Fix (‡)
   ▪  Misc. College of Winterhold Tweaks (‡)
   ▪  Nether Mage Armor - Tested in editor
   ▪  No Snow Under the Roof (‡ §)
   ▪  Not so Fast - Mages Guild (‡)
   ▪  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Briefly tested (Corroborated by RLO fans)
   ▪  Skyrim Flora Overhaul -  Briefly tested
   ▪  Simply Bigger Trees (‡)
   ▪  Weapons, Armor, Clothing, and Clutter Fixes (‡ §)
   ▪  WACCF - Armor and Clothing Extension (‡ §)
   ▪  Winterhold Bridge Fix (‡)
   ▪  Winterhold - Expanded Ruins - Tested in SSEEdit (Minor conflict with USSEP; one exterior cell is missing some region data)

OCW is incompatibile with the following mods
Please try out the other Winterhold mods as well as OCW and decide which of them you like the best!
   ▪  Apepi's Better College of Winterhold
   ▪  Better College Students Room   
   ▪  College Grounds
   ▪  College of Winterhold Upgraded
   ▪  Especially Special Winterhold - Only changes are to the courtyard, so patching is possible.
   ▪  Fix that Winterhold Bridge (Currently Unavailable) - Will result in massive light glitching if used with OCW.
   ▪  Guards of Skyrim - College Guards - The barracks in this mod is a kitchen in OCW.
   ▪  Immersive College of Winterhold
   ▪  Juniper's College of Winterhold
   ▪  Mage College Dorm Doors - OCW already contains doors and ownership settings.
   ▪  Magical College of Winterhold
   ▪  Okata's College of Winterhold - Thriving Edition
   ▪  Toberone's Winterhold College
   ▪  Any mod that allows you to get into Labyrinthine early (e.g. to get the shout or mask) will cause OCW's subsequent events to also trigger early.

OCW has minor incompatibilities with the following mods 
   ▪  Cloaks and Capes Fixes - A tanning rack added by this mod is hidden behind some clutter which OCW adds.
   ▪  Fluff's Hybrid Khajit - A patch is available here.
   ▪  Red Headed Freckled Skyrim Club - A patch is available here.
   ▪  Beast Hair Horn and Beard - A patch is available here.
   ▪  Marvelous Mirabelle - Conflict is narrative, not technical
   ▪  The People of Skyrim 2 - A patch is available here.

If something is missing from this list, I either don't know about the mod, or have not been given reason to suspect it may or may not be compatible with OCW.  Let me know and we'll find out!  Also, as a rule of thumb, I am only covering other lore-friendly mods.  If another author makes an OCW patch for a non-lore friendly mod, I will note it above.

Load Order
OCW may be placed high in your load order.  Exceptions are listed below.
If a patch is provided (unless otherwise noted below), it doesn't matter if OCW or the other mod are loaded first. 
Ensure that all patches are loaded after their masters.  LOOT is useful to do this if your mod manager does not do it automatically.  
A few things should be verified manually:
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Skyrim Project Optimization.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Cutting Room Floor.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Armor and Clothing Extension.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Enlightened College of Winterhold.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Relighting Skyrim.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after The Midden - Expanded Lite.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Konahrik's Accoutrements.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after Immersive Music.
   ▪  OCW should be loaded after The People of Skyrim 2 Partial Version (see below for full version).
   ▪  The People of Skyrim 2 Full Version should be loaded after OCW (with the patch after both, naturally).
   ▪  Finding Velehk Sain (either version) should be loaded after OCW.
   ▪  Winterhold Restored 2.0 should be loaded after OCW, with the patch after both.
   ▪  Spell Crafting for Skyrim should be loaded after OCW, with the patch after both.
   ▪  The main ELFX plugin must go first, then OCW, and finally OCW's ELFX patch should be placed below ELFXEnhancer.esp or ELFX - Hardcore.esp
   ▪  The patches for Sounds of Skyrim or Magic College Music (or the merged patch if you're using both) must go after all of the other patches.
   ▪  If you're using ELFX Hardcore and Sounds of Skyrim, my patches should be loaded after SoS_ELFX+Hardcore_Patch.esp
   ▪  If you're using a mod that alters the faces of the College NPCs and one of my patches to avoid face bugs, the load order is:
1 - OCW first, 
2 - Any face mod(s), 
3 - OCW's face mod patch(es) or Obscure's Faces of Winterhold.
   ▪  If you're using Obscure's Faces of Winterhold with BUVARPOpulent Outfits (OO), or Special Edition Followers (SEF), the load order is:
1 - OCW first,
2 - Any face mod(s),
3 - Obscure's Faces of Winterhold
4 - BUVARP, OO, or SEF,
5 - OCW's patch for BUVARP, OO, or SEF
   ▪  If you are using the patches for Luminosity Lighting Overhaul or Enhanced Lighting for ENB along with the patches for Sounds of Skyrim or Magic College Music, then you will need to create a merged patch, either manually with SSEEdit, or with Mator Smash. (Wyre Bash support for cell data merging exists in newer beta versions, but is not yet publicly released.)

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